Needle’s Cosplay … and Something Else

it took a good, LONG while to get needle to finish writing up updates to her costume gallery, but they’re all finally up there. Including an update to Phoenix about the time she met one of her favorite writers – Neil Gaiman! All the entires have been formatted to match the first few ones as well, detailing awards and when and where she wore the costumes first.

Now you can check out her newest entires: Amazonia Wonder Woman, Princess Peach, Liliana Vess, and Steampunk Phoenix!

But that’s not all. Chech out the Secret Page for long-lost unfinished works by Hardman, lovingly found by own Snakeman and put to the site by myself.

Needle’s Cosplay

What? Another update so soon?

That’s right. Needlegal’s Cosplay section has been updated with her latest … and some not-so latest costumes. This update has been a long time coming, but both Needle and myself have been pretty distracted and it got lost in the shuffle. But, before Needle makes any more new things, this thing is finally up to date! I know her friends will appreciate finally being able to see her new costumes.

Business of War: Scenario generator, Needle’s Cosplay

The Business of War now has it’s own Scenario Generator that I made in Flash. From now on all scenarios shall be made using that!

Uh …. I wish I had thought of it earlier, but …. whatever! There it is!

Also, my sister’s Cosplay Gallery has been updated with even more pictures featuring her latest costumes. And information on the awards she’s won has now also been included. Hooray!

Needle’s cosplay

Here’s something that’s taken a while to find time to do….

Needle’s cosplay section has been updated to include last year’s costumes. Odille (or an anime version of Swan Lake) and Ashura (from RGVeda) are now in her section. I’ve also included some reference pictures to show what she’s looking at when making these costumes.

Cosplay Section!

Welp, here’s a section long in coming. Find out exactly why Needlegal chose her name in her very own cosplay section!

Alright, so not one of those costumes is Megaman. I don’t care.

And, Yes …. this means Needle is an even bigger nerd than I. For I would never cosplay at all.

And, for those who care, no this doesn’t mean I am less mysterious …. while I can keep silent Needlegal can be as forthcoming as she likes. About her own information anyways. lol. She respects my privacy.

Oh yeah, I also changed the featured links up at top there. Those last ones were up since forever and a day.