Squeezing out another update

Next up … the next installment of Remnant!

Not much else new up here at the Mechs front. We’re planning some new things, but I have to admit, life does get in the way of updates. That and other hobbies of course. But hopefully the current installment will tide you all over until next month.

New layout and a new Epilogue!

Yes, that’s right. It’s that time again! I’ve been hard at work making a new layout!

Well, okay. Maybe it’s not really "new" as much as it is "tweaked", but there’s still plenty different. For instance, this laypout was reallly a big excuse to learn a bit of HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery! Of course that nessessitated the use of some large files, so … we’ll see how all that works out.

Furthermore, both the gallery and our blog have gotten substancial revisions. While I kept up with the latest releases of WordPress, I never actually changed that layout to reflect that. This has changed. And the gallery was even worse off – Coppermine changed so much that installing the latest version simply broke it! So that too has been completed updated.

But that’s not all! The second part of Remnant is now online!


It’s … another new epilogue!?

That’s right, another new installment. Or, rather, a reworking of an old installment. This epilogue was actually intended for early Series 6, but was not finished for various reasons. It’s remained on the back burner for all this time … until now! Go on and read Eyeball, the 7th installment of Series 7.

And I promise the next update won’t have to do with epilogues.

10th Anniversary

Well, it’s finally here. The very last anniversary update! And what an update it is!

Yes, the final updates relate to Maniacs mainstays, the epilogues. Firstly Series 1 and Series 2 have been remastered by Raijin (Snakeman). They now feature less spelling mistakes and more images next to speaking lines! Fans of the epilogues have actually asked about this before, but the project has always been just a bit too big, but now our earliest epilogues are edited.

Next up is another project Snake and I have been working on feverishly all this month. Epilogue Summaries. Yes, now you don’t have to re-read the entire series just to know what any given character is about in the Maniacs’ epilogue series. These summaries. follow, not only members of the team, but villains as well and they also delve into the various prose stories features on the site, such as the Unnamed and Wanted.

Finally, the gallery has been updated with fan art and the rest of the Megaman PC video pictures. I’ve also drawn an entirely new picture for the 10th anniversary which features the mechanical maniacs in their transmetal 2 armor with their greatest villains in the background.

All this and a certain …. hidden page has also been updated.  find it if you can!

So, here’s to another 10 years!

10th Anniversary

More 10th anniversary stuff! Dr Wily’s Last Stand!? Part 4, the final part of the Megaman 3 retelling is now online! Will Megaman defeat Dr. Wily? Well … yes, obviously. But this is the epilogue version of that!

I’ve also added some more Sinister Six PC related images relating to that music video. Two are Torchman’s hopes and dreams for the future (yeah, X and Zero will totally honor you, Torch … yeah), and the rest are memories of the PC guys.

10th Anniversary

The 10th anniversary updates continue!

Ah, Mechanical Maniacs Lite. That was a backup site on Geocities made when Planet Megaman, our longtime host, suffered one of it’s frequent outages, taking us along with it. Rather than simply disappear I had that site inform people on when we’d be back. It was simply a front page with the bios, but it served it’s purpose and I rather like the NES styles banner. The old NES and WW based layouts were nice and unique until every single other Megaman team copied them. Because, naturally, everyone needs a similar layout when they already have a similar idea behind their sites.

Dr Wily’s Last Stand!? Part 3 continues the retelling of Megaman 3. But that’s not all! Topman has written an all-new epilogue – No Newbs Is Good Newbs. This one has actually been on hold since very early on in Series 6, but the work has definitely been worth the wait!

And there’s even more art in the galleries. I had missed some of Raijin’s older Mechs art, but no more! Actual pictures of Lennon’s Evil Eight are now in his gallery along with a few other pictures, as seen below. My gallery has been updated with even more S6 pictures as well.