Decommissioned Art

Thee (kind of four) of Raijin’s concepts – Pulse Anemone, Spectrum Owl, and Strife Scorpion … and his unnamed Bear version of the same scorpion concept. Of these three I think I like Anemone the best, although I do like me some scorpions.

Decommissioned Art

The Mavericks march on with Carnivorous Crane and Chrono Calic. Of this whole batch of art Crane was the one drawn last and about a year after the rest were already done.

Decommissioned Art and Team Shachi Sprites

More from Raijin’s Ascendant Android pitch. Decommissioned Chargeman is nigh-unrecognizable! And we’re meeting the first of the mysterious Descendants – Cable Nightshade!

And here’s an obsessively complete Team Shachi’s Rocket Queen sprite rip! Every sprite from the game – hero and enemy – alongside tilesets used in the game! But that’s not all! No, there’s cutscene images as well! Cutscenes in the game are actually videos with corrupted sprites. They look alright just to watch on Youtube or in the game, but zooming in reveals artifacting. These rips are as close to official as I could get, painstakingly recreating the corrupted sprites pixel-by-pixel. It took months to make, even without the months long break in between start and completion. Why? Just because I felt like it, that’s why.

This is what obsession looks like, folks!

This sheet can be found in the Miscellaneous Sprite Gallery section.

Decommissioned Art

More from Raijin’s unfinished idea. This time it’s Decommissioned Gyro and Napalm man! What have they done to you two!? Gyroman’s become nothing more than a fancy backpack and Napalm has been reduced to a mech.

Bits and Bytes

The Epilogues may be over, but the site goes on! I’ll be posting some art for a while. This is from a series based around an unrealized story by Snakeman featuring the Ascendant Androids. It’s Gravityman with the best of his days far behind him.

Next up is a missing sprite from the dog enemy in my Megaman PC rips. Uh … oops! Submitted by Rofang.

Finally we have some images from a different version of Rockman 1 – 6 submitted by Ninjaz_1. More can be found in the article on Asian PC games. Yeah, it’s for a compilation of the original series NES games featuring art of Megaman X. VERY skeevy.

Series Finale: The Road Less Traveled

Holy crap you guys. This is it. It took me a year or two to plan. Two or more to write. And another couple to edit and sprite. And a couple years posting every single other epilogue written before, during, and since this monster of a story was finished. But this is it. The series finale.

And not just the Series 9 finale. The Mechanical Maniacs epilogue series finale.

The Mechanical Maniacs finally face off against Crorq and the Galactic Council. Mesmerman makes his big move with his wingman Rockman Shadow. And, oh yeah, Torchman and his coverable losers are there too. This is the most expansive adventure the Mechs have ever been on and I’m so happy to finally share it with you all.

I have to give a big thanks to Raijin, who drew the above picture. Without his tireless editing and amazing sprite work this adventure wouldn’t be nearly as comprehensible as it turned out to be.

Twenty years. That’s how long the Mechanical Maniacs’ adventures have gone on. Just about every other Megaman team has gone the way of the dodo since I started this and it’s gone on for far, FAR longer than I ever thought it would. Changing my life in ways I didn’t expect. I’m in a completely different place in my life now than when this site was started waaaaaaaay back in 2000. I have to thank each and every one of my friends, past and present, for being with me on this journey building a crazy, absolutely convoluted fanfic world around one game called Mega Man 3.

After this the site will go on. I hope to get more into art, which I used to be all about. And there’s just a few epilogues still in the works. Not by me, though. So check back for all of that. In the mean time enjoy the Mechanical Maniacs’ last stand against the forces of evil … or, at least, the forces that bother them as they just try to live their life.

20th Anniversary Recap Conclusion

The Epilogue Summaries conclude! This time we recap Series 8.

This segment wound up having the same number of regular epilogues as Series 7, but it includes two nearly-forgotten fanfics from Series 6 – Genesis End and Working With Ghosts – buffing up it’s length. It chronicles the rebuilding of the Galactic Council and the Mechs fall from grace going from tolerated members of the Robot Police Force to wanted fugitives! This brings the summaries up to the current one which is the longest we’ve ever done. So I guess that makes up for the super short Series 7 and 8.

Finally, two Ariga-created Robot Masters done on his Twitter that I never knew existed until just a little while ago! They’re along with the rest of the Classic-based robot masters in the Megaman Soccer Conversion Revival gallery. Thanks, SlavaIG, for letting me know these guys exist.

20th Anniversary Recap Part 2!

Yes, yes, the continuation of the Epilogue Summaries continues! This time we move on to Series 7.

This series is the shortest one we’ve ever done thanks to shenanigans running behind the scenes. But it still has the last piece of fiction done for the epiverse by Hadrian and wraps up plot threads left dangling by the end of Series 6. It also lais groundwork for the Galactic Council who were are introduced as throwaway bits of world-building established in an old Megaman guide book once.

20th Anniversary Recap!

Yes, it’s been twenty years! TWENTY YEARS! I can’t believe it’s been twenty years of this madness, but it has! I never thought I’d be at this for so long, but I guess that’s a testament to all the friends who have been with me during this wild ride called the Mechanical Maniacs.

And what better way to celebrate that than a clip show?

This is a continuation of the Epilogue Summaries I did for the tenth anniversary! And, while there’s not as many stories to go through, there’s still PLENTY that went on during series 7 and 8. Including that mysterious 15 year gap that reset the universe. So why not start with that?


And the X-Force stories have been touched up as well! At some point in the past, Ben re-ordered a couple stories, throwing off the references for all the subsequent references – those have been fixed. Missing sprites and unsprited stories have been sprites! And, finally, I’ve rummaged through his waste bucket to dig up some old, lost adventures he’s totally embarrassed to see the light of day after all this time! It’s classic, team scene action from back in the day!

In fact I’ve went through my (somewhat limited) archives and’s (somewhat limited) archive and saved what I could to restore a semblance of the X-Force’s old site.

Additionally, I’ve added some old, unfinished adventures to the Sinister Six’s library, spriting them all while I was at it. It’s a shmorgishborg of unfinished adventure!