Quint & Pirate Games

Here’s an image of Quint in his box art design. I really like this design and wish it were used more often in the fandom. Sure, he looks too much like Protoman, but it’s not like he’s used that often anyway. Quint was used to great extent in the latest epilogue series bringing the Mech on random adventures, often finishing old stories Gary once started.

Also, we have updated in the … pirates games page? From about 10 years ago!? Yeah, those epilogues really took over for ages on end, didn’t they? I totally forgot to post any of these. Uh … sorry, Radix (who sent in a few of them).

Dr. Wily

Next up is a colorized old picture of Dr. Wily done in a totally different style than normal. I was trying out something new and kinda liked it. Liked it enough to include it in my push to colorize a whole bunch of teams related characters anyway.

Also in rummaging in some old file I remembered some sprites based off my own work done for Megaman 8 Bit Deathmatch and an expanded set of PC sprites based on the same set. Check those out in the Miscellaneous Sprite Gallery. There’s even sprites of Multiman for 8-bit Deathmatch. All those are now … about a decade old now. More maybe? You can’t even download the add-on pack anymore! Not sure if Multiman ever made it all the way to a downloadable pack, but you can see the sprites at least.

Pyro Da Fox

Tails Who? This is Ben’s OC that he just couldn’t quit – Pyro Da Fox. When being even Magma Dragoon isn’t enough Ben shouts SHAZAM and Pyro is there to save the day! Even after being reborn as Heatman Pyro was revived! And, yes, he followed Ben into his Hardman form. Somehow, some way, Pyro survives.

Megaman DOS Gift Art

Wait, we actually got gift art after so long? It’s true! Here’s a nice piece showcasing gift art of the Megaman PC guys done in the style of the old Japanese Box art done by hansungkee. Thanks for the art, man! It looks fantastic!

Scissor Army Nightmare Topman

Nightmare Topman gets really messed up in the epilogues. He never gets a sprite in his "super messed up" stage, but this is how he was meant to look, now in color! After his battle with Mesmerman he got captured and experimented on by General Cutman during Business of War, but never quite finished. As a result his mind and body are just a mess. Poor guy.


The greatest (or at least most enduring) foe of Dr. Cossack’s Comrades finally gets some fan art! This is his remade body after his horrible first form was upgraded and commandeered by Dr. Cossack after he went insane. As a side note I always did wonder why he was named Kryptoman. It never comes up!

Hentai! Again

A classic from when I pulled pranks on the site. Rock and Roll mortified by what you think you’re clicking on! At the time, of course, I had no idea that Rock X Roll was canon. I always kinda liked how the image itself turned out, so I reworked it a little adjusting the resolution and a few other nitpicks.

Rockman Shadow

One of the villains for Series 9 – Rockman Shadow! If Quint is presented as Dr. Who then RM Shadow is the Master. This was a pretty fun picture to draw, even if I did wind up cheapening out on the space background by reusing one I used a million times over. I always thought the Wonderswan game was the fan ficciest of all Megaman games (with it’s emphasis on obscure characters like Quint and bringing back Tango and even Reggae), so what batter place for it’s main antagonist to show up than in one of my own fics? It was fun to write in Shadow for when he was in the series. Who knew a nobody like Quint to get an antagonist of his own? Good for you, little guy!

City Garage

One of my oldest Sketches for the Team Scene remastered – City Garage! I remember Gary really taken with the idea of this guy just being some shlub (at the time there was never any image of the dude, so I made up something ridiculous). It was nice to get a crack at this older picture of this old fan character one more time.

Bizarro Shadowman

Can’t have a set without a Bizarro Shadowman picture, can we? I still like this design and I still like this picture, which is why I retraced and recolored it.