Much of these epilogues are sub-series of the Sinister Six or some gimmick we all did for some laughs (like the Ol' Switcheroo and the Saturday Night Live eps). They are still in continuity and always good for a chuckle or two.

Unless otherwise noted, these stories are written by Gary

Sinister Six Character Guide

Solo Adventures

The Sinister Six Solo Series: Issue 1- Bombman: Cooking With Bombman
The Sinister Six Solo Series: Issue 2- Gutsman: Hitting The Big Top
The Sinister Six Solo Series: Issue 3- Cutman: Party at Sinister Six H.Q.
The Sinister Six Solo Series: Issue 4- Elecman: Please Not Another Scary Movie
The Sinister Six Solo Series: Issue 5- Iceman: A Clone Of your Own
The Sinister Six Solo Series: Issue 6- Fireman: X-Force Xtravaganza

Other Old Stuff

Character Quiz: Character Quiz!
Outtakes: Epilogue Outtakes
Saturday Night Live-Episode 1 (Written by Lennon)
Saturday Night Live-Episode 2 (Written by Ben)
Saturday Night Live-Episode 3 (Written by Gauntlet)
Saturday Night Live-Episode 4 (Written by Gary)
Dastardly Trio: Issue 1- Flight 181
Dastardly Trio: Issue 3- Something Fishy is Goin' Down
Switcheroo: Issue 1- Sinister Six: Sinister Seven!? (Written by Gauntlet)
Switcheroo: Issue 2- X-Force: Reploids on Display (Written by Gary)
Switcheroo: Issue 3- Mechanical Maniacs: I am Invincible (Written by Ben)
Sinister Six: Subseries: Welcome The New Snakeman!

Sinister Six: Subseries: Terror of Iceman Dragoon
Sinister Six: Subseries: The Wonderswan Adventure! (Co-Written by Gauntlet)
Sinister Six Epilogue Contest:
The Runner Ups

Unfinished Epilogue Adventures

Unfinished Issue #1 - The Tale of Two Cyclopses (Alternate version)
Unfinished Issue #2 - Iceman Tribute - Clip Show (Written by Ben)
Unfinished Issue #3 - Use Title here!!!
Unfinished Issue #4 - The New Team Awakens (Alternate version)
Unfinished Issue #5 - Return to the Future (Written by Ben)