Bad Neighbors

Another epilogue by Geoff, featuring his former team – the Ascendant Androids! It seems these murdering marauders are back …. to move in next door!? The Wily Underground will never be the same!

Tall Tales

We’re back with another Mechanical Maniacs adventure that’s not just a repost of older stuff. In this adventure the Sinister Six tell the original of their new Wave Woman and the sad fate of the even sadder Waveman.

Time After Time Part 3

A Christmas update, but not Christmas themed at all. I conclude Ben’s adventure in his ideal world. Yeah me, Ben wrote himself into a corner. It comes to an epic close as a video game army challenges our heroes! But that’s not all. The truth behind Ben’s dream world is revealed. Can he save even some of it? Here’s the conclusion to Time After Time!

Time After Time Part 2

Ben’s still in his dream world where his best friend Gary is still alive, the Mechs are odd colours, and the adventures are goofy and full of guest stars!

Time After Time Part 1

Ben’s writing continues! With it more throwback epilogues! Ben’s back … as Fireman of the Sinister Six!? He’s happy about it, but something smells a little fishy …

Whatever Happened to the Warriors?

A new … Wily’s Warriors adventure!? What? Well, Ben, who was their Heatman, asked me … like two years ago if it was okay for me to post the last story he ever wrote for the team. I said sure and asked him to just add a bit at the end since it actually makes for a good ending to their entire series. It’s the long awaited ending to their series, so go and check it out!

What’s New is Old

So now you know the untold story of the New Sinister Six. But did you know the Mechanical Maniacs played an integral part in it all? It’s true! Read all about it in What’s New is Old.

Also, all this S6 stuff made me nostalgic, so I updated a bit on the S6’s old page. I remade the Nostalgia Section so it has a layout like one of the S6’s old ones (and added an old Main Page to complete the look). That version of the site was never properly saved anywhere and it kind of went through an evolution. I also found (and archived) Ben’s version of the site (which is probably by favorite version). It’s a pity Archive didn’t have the background (and that Ben himself didn’t have it anymore either). There was also a mess of broken backgrounds and tables, so I fixed that as well.

What’s Old is New

Series 9

It’s throwback Thursday! After compiling notes for the Megaman Teams Wiki I couldn’t help but be reminded that the story of the New Sinister Six’s introduction was left to notes on the site and references in a joke epilogue I made to fill the void at the start of their series. You see, the Sinister Six stories weren’t written in order so there was once large gaps in the series with placeholders for half formed ideas and half written stories. A big hole that was never filled was the introduction to the New Sinister Six.

Well, no longer! It’s high time the hole was filled! So it must be, so shall it be! Based on the notes Gary left behind I bring you the intro of the New Sinister Six: What’s Old is New!