Music Video

Oh my, it looks like something broke there.

This is one update long in the making. Made in Flash CS4, which is atrociously slow. So slow that it stalled this video for many, many months. A recent update made it fast enough to use and, after I got it, finished this within mere weeks. Although this was made in Flash, large, LARGE use of bitmaps made parts of this choppy on the first run. So I converted it to an avi for viewing. Incidentally, this is the “secret project” I mentioned on Deviant Art a while back.
A tribute to one of the last games in the entire Megaman series that probably deserves it: Megaman 3 PC. Misfits and Mistakes. Regular and Meatwad versions.

ANEW’s Stat Generator

What, something from me that isn’t about pirate games? You bet! That’s not quite done yet, but I got sidetracked into making a Statistic Generator for Rich’s (Magnet’s) Project ANEW. It’s an app that’ll make his life a whole lot easier.

I’ve also moved the Flash app stuff over to my Flash Gallery. Most of it has to do with the Business of War from a few years ago. Oh, the memories…

Mega Memory

Geez, this took longer than I thought it would. Anyhow, in an attempt to learn Actionscript 3 (apparently giving things names doesn’t fly so well in AS3), I’ve made a Megaman-thesed matching / memory game. As you might have guessed from the title. This is partically inspired by a game we played during the last ‘Maniacs meet.

Check it out right here!

The Business of War

This is one of the final updates for the Business of War!

The penultimate stage is up! As are the last of the Stage Summaries. Let’s all give Raijin some applause. He’s worked hard to make all these summaries and I know I would be lost without them.

Also up is a list of Sword Users, also compiled by Raijin. We’ve just noticed there were quite a few swords being used in the War and we decided to keep track a bit. Beware of spoilers!

Also up is a flash Map of War. This was made by me and Raijin. Raijin was invaluable in making the initial images and actually looking up where everything was. I just made the Flash file.

Also up is the Live Action Buisness of War videos made by Anime Master as well as commentaries!

War’s running into the home stretch now … and the best is yet to come! Stay tuned for the end of the epic that rocked the Team Scene! The end of the Business of War … it’s coming!

But that’s not all! A big hand goes out to Joseph “Doc Lithius” Collins who used my Rockman Mega World level select codes to bring us accurate damage data on all bosses from the Rockman Megaworld game. I’ve compiled that, as well as the codes, and some new observations into a single article that is now online. Now we can see which weapon is, statistically, the best of the best from the first three Megaman games!

Business of War: Scenario generator, Needle’s Cosplay

The Business of War now has it’s own Scenario Generator that I made in Flash. From now on all scenarios shall be made using that!

Uh …. I wish I had thought of it earlier, but …. whatever! There it is!

Also, my sister’s Cosplay Gallery has been updated with even more pictures featuring her latest costumes. And information on the awards she’s won has now also been included. Hooray!

Image Gallery, Contacting

The Image Gallery sees a long awaited organization update! See, I wasn’t quite sure how to integrate the “odd” galleries like Needlegal’s Cosplay or Megaman 9 or My Art Contest or our famous Hentai Gallery into the Coppermine Image Gallery system. These galleries held the entire project up. Well, no longer! Now they can all be found in the main Coppermine Gallery. Which is now just the plain old Image Gallery.

Furthermore, I’ve uploaded Lennon’s Gallery into the system as well as the Box Art Gallery. I’ve also made the Manual Art Gallery to house all the manual scans I did for the Nintendo Power gallery. THAT was an update long in coming.

And that’s not all! The contacting page is now run in Flash. Because I can!