Pirate Sprites, PMM news

Welp, the quizzes and ‘Maniacs Moments sections still need some work, but I do have some new content in the way of more Pirate Sprite Sheets. These ones from Rockman DX3, one of the roms offered in the Gauntlet Art Contest.

As you may have noticed Planet-Megaman got it’s .com address back! Unfortunately there’s a slight case of schizophrenia involved ….. meaning our .com account has a space of it’s own separate from the .org account! Weird. Well, I’ve set up a forwarding address to point anyone coming from the .com address here. Hopefully this problem can be resolved soon.

As for PMM, Heat is getting impatient with the situation. The backups should be arriving next week and if they don’t Heat’s thinking of just restoring everything from our backups.

Update to the update: I’ve taken the time to reorganize the Mechanical Maniacs Moments. They’re organized a little differently now, but it’s closer to a regular sprite comic, so it works out.

Pirate Games

After two weeks of total work and one week of relaxing I am back. The Pirate Games get a whack of updates. In all the sections no less. A few of these are pretty interesting too and the section hasn’t seen an update in quite a while.

Pirate Games

This update features pirate games! Lots of pirate games! And even a new pirate rom!!! Of course the rom is not offered here. Not yet anyway. I just like to tease you folks with info. And a couple tantalizing screen shots.

So, pirate games! That’s where it’s at.

MegaFan, Pirate Games

There a few updates this week!

Hardman has made a new game which he’s asked me to upload. It’s “MegaFan: Battle Network”. It’s based off his understanding of BN BEFORE it was released. It’s a two player battle game and it’s pretty fun. Check it out in the Downloads section.

Also, the pirate games page has MASSIVE updates! EVERY page there has been updated! Some games have better pictures. ALOT of all-new pirates have been added!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, check out the three new epilogues Ice posted at the S6. I actually finished them off for him, so not only is there S6 style humour, but ‘Maniacs style action!

Sprites, Pirate Games

Well, well, well, a GOOD update this week. Who knew?

Well, I’ve finally updated that pirate section with a pretty substantial update. Not only are there new pirate games up, but I also reorganized it a bit. Not GB multicarts are in the GB section. I never figured there’d be so many ……. but what do I know? I ALSO made neat thumbnails, so now the page will not take forever to load. I’ve been meaning to do that for a long while now, but only now have I gotten around to it.

And now: sprites update! I added neat MM3 costumed sprites and those are in the Sprite Gallery under: customs. They have a “new tank” nest to them. I also added old sprite sheets Pixelboy ripped for MM4 GB. Pixelboy has been gone since 1998 and I figure, since I can’t contact him or nuthin’, that he’d be glad his work’s used. So, what are MM4 sprites doing on the MM3 team? Who knows!

As weeks go this one hasn’t been so bad. I saw Lord of the Rings, which was spectacular. All in all pretty nice. Oh, yeah, I had a pretty good debate in the Dreamwave forums about the ‘ol “MM is X” issue. Alot of good points were brought up, but I think the only ones I haven’t heard before was: A) Dr. Light would actually NOT want MM to trade his memories for sentience and B) Wily would create the Zero Virus, aid Sigma, and crash a colony into the planet thereby ruining it to SPITE his rival Doctor Light who (as far as he knows) died 100 years ago. Haven’t heard anyone HONESTLY defend these points, so I guess I’m a little surprised people can believe that over the answer being “MM actually IS X”. Well, I can’t say I won the debate, but I don’t think I lost either. With the complete lack of proof either way, people tend to stick to what their first impression than be persuaded otherwise. But you can read it all here. It was all pretty interesting and I think I’m done arguing over it for another 6 months or so.

Epilogue, Pirate Games

The epilogues are updated with a new one by me. “More Damn Pokemon”. Why? Because Pokemon just makes it so easy….

And another pirate games update. This week has a BIG one – I found a guy selling a lot of pirates on ebay. So I split ’em up, touched them up a bit in photoshop and voila. Numerous images.

Image Gallery, epilogues, Manga scans, Pirate games

Another monster update this week. The Image Gallery has been updated with the EXE cards created by members of Viral Infection. View that in the sprite section of the individual galleries right at the top of the page. Side note: I MUST reorganize that dang image gallery!

More Viral Infection content has been salvaged this week. The rest of the manga scans have been uploaded into the manga gallery, including ones I PLANNED to post at VI, but never had a chance to.

The epilogues section has been updated this week (of course). This time with one done by me … again!

The pirates page has also been updated with a couple new carts. A new Thunder Blast Man and Rockman 1 find. Worth a look.

Some news for you Sinister Six fans out there: It’s not dead. Ice and I have just about finished all the IMPORTANT files and it’s all set once Zero X Phoenix is ready to give Ice his hosting (and if there was any doubt of that happening before, with the closing of Megaman Masters and Zero Forever, that doubt has surely been erased.) So, stay tuned.

**Update a few hours later**

Took a few hours and really went through the galleries. Now their MUCH more organized!

Guides, links, pirate games

Smaller sized update this time. I’ve changed the team links section a bit. Some teams haven’t updated in too long so I have removed them.

Next up is a revised guide on Megaman X. It was in the planning stages for quite a while, but it’s been updated. It mostly centers around why MM is X now. It’s completely rewritten, so it’s worth a look or two.

The pirate games has one new game added to it. The most pathetic attempt at a pirate I’ve seen. So see it in the NES section.

Image Gallery, Pirate Sprites, New Quiz, forums

Yet another update. This one has a nice bit o content.

First up is new unused sprites. From Megaman 4. Ever wonder why they never made more sprites for the Wily talking bit? Wonder no more.

Also, there is more added to the Rocman X sheet in the pirate sprites section (in the image gallery). Remember how, in the pirate games section, I said it was based off a gameboy game called “ThunderClashman”? Well, I ripped those sprites too. And they’re even more like Rockman than in the “Rocman X” game! Go look.

New Quiz made by me. “Which Megaman are you??” Are you Megaman X, Megaman EXE, or possibly ….. the MM1 box art Megaman!? You know the drill, go to the quiz and fill it out!

Also, I’d like to announce that the forums are NOT DEAD! Sigmah moved them to the bluebomber server to avoid the glitches that were plaguing his server. The move is “temporary”. In fact it moved a month ago, but people for some reason didn’t bother checking the announcement that the forum moved. Must be blind. At any rate, there’s no need to re-regester, all your accounts and posts have been preserved. The link to the forums on this page is correct.

A-H section returns, Chinese Game mystery solved, Pirate game page split up! Oh, and more images have been added to the bios..

Back in the day, this page achieved high recognition because I relied to the many flames that were thrown at us in a section called the “Ass holes speak”. When I moved to the new server, Classic Gaming had a bit of a problem with profanity used there and also the flames had cooled allot, so I ditched the section. Well, lost content always bothered me, so I waited until a time when I could return the section. Now, armed with a powerful disclaimer placed prominately on the page, the section returns! And I’ve added a new entry to it as well (which will mark the final update for that section). View the old section in the miscellaneous page.

A few days ago I was contacted by a dude who actually own one of the pirate games listed on my page – Rockman the Power Battle PC! Go to the Chinese games page to see startling discoveries and information that will intrigue you for an entire minute! Also, I added more to the “Rockboard” game.

Finally, I split up the pirate games page. There’s just too many images! Y’know, I once told Auto that Rock wasn’t too popular among pirates, and he told me I was dead wrong ……. and it looks like I was.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot. TV images of Needle and Hard have been added to the bios. Courtesy of Wolf Eclispe.