Many Sinister Six Updates

Wait, isn’t this site dead? Well, yes. But, due to a variety of reasons, a few links ended up broken. Upon inspection, it was a few more than originally thought. There were some things I had intended to post that were not. And the layout was spread throughout all the pages, making an update infuriatingly difficult.

No longer! I’ve spent the last few days bringing the up to snuff. The Nostalgia Section has a number of updates.

The Character Profiles, Meet the Six, Sinister Six 101, Ask Cyclone Man, and Sinister Six Survivor all have fixed images.

The Adoption Section, Manga Comic Series, Cartoon Show, Contest Page, Hall of Fame, Mega Man Sprites, PowerBattle Sprites, Conversions, Megaman VS the Sinister Six, Megaman and the Sinister Six Timeline, Megaman Trilogy, Card Game, Sinister Six News Section!, Smash Bros Melee (MMC Style), Awards this site won, Win Iceman’s Award, and the, Hall of Fame / Tribute Graves are all sections that were done a long time ago, but were never added … until now!

But there’s actually a bit of relatively new content too! The Fiction page boasts several stories unseen for years. At a height in the community the S6 went through a small sort of surge. Our own Magnetman created the Sinister Six AU as a way of being an unofficial Sinister Six member. This would lead right into our own event Business of War, made several years after these stories. Whoever was into War will definately want to check these out.

So, for the first time in years and on the Sinister Six ever check out:

Answers (unfinished)



Impact (unfinished)

Economic Ruin

and the Revenge of the Scissor Army (unfinished)

New forum! Old X-F epilogues!

Yes, that’s right! Although I don’t like to move after only a year, we’ve moved the forum anyway! The downtimes, spambots, accidental bannings, and everything else is done away with! The old board will be shut down about Sunday, so save what you want quick.

In other news, Ben has found some old X-Force stuff which lets me update the Sinister Six’s X-Force epilogues section to be more complete.

Firstly, their origin story has been posted. Along with their very first epilogue, long thought forever lost. Next a new Dawn’s intro and part one of an ep that would forever change the X-Force (it was never finished). This introduced the last X-Force team which had Class and Ice in it. I’ve also added the X-Force:AU eps. Ben was very excited about the whole concept when he started, but it fizzles out after only four eps (in two two-part stories). Now he hates them. Nevertheless it’s there (and was referenced in one of my own eps). Finally, all the old bios that Ben gave me (along with the ones I could find on are now in a member’s section. Which about rounds the X-Force Nostalgia section off, I’d say.

The X-Force eps (along with the S6 ones) really meant allot to me. They were part of my very first experiences here in the Megaman Community (and the internet in general) and seeing them all as a complete set brings allot of good memories back. They may not mean much to new people, but to me they’ll always be special. So check ’em out if you haven’t already!

Sinister Six Closes

Yeah, that’s about the summ of it. After a 10 year run, The Sinister Six has closed. There was a long discussion on what the team members really wanted to do. Frankly, to survive there would have to be changes. Layout changes, and a change in direction since nobody had the heart to write more S6 eps without Gary. Nobody really wanted to make changes either since it’d be just messing with what Gary did. Some of the members couldn’t bear to even look at the site anymore.

Rather than have the site die off slowly and silently with one memeber fading away after another, it was decided to wrap things up and officially announce site closure.

But, even though it’s closed, a nice goodbye was made by yours truly. Thanks to a find on an old computor I have all the old files I helped reformat for Ice in the past. I put them all in a S6 nostalgia section. It houses all sorts of goodies from the past including Sinister Six Survivor, the Tribute to Plantman, Paper Mario and a whole LOT more! These things haven’t been seen since their grand re-opening on Planet Megaman, when they first got off Geocities.

I’ve also written the final epilogue for the Sinister Six. Something to wrap up all of Ice’s loose ends to give the series the sendoff it deserves. Considering I’m the guy who sometimes finished Ice’s epilogues when he was stuck, I’m glad it’s me who gets to finish things off.

Rich also launches a Megaman 1 Walkthrough that he’s been working on for a while. It all looks great, so be sure to check it out.

Although it’s closed the Sinister Six will stay up as a tribute to our friend Gary “Iceman” Martin. It’s been a wild ride and it won’t be the same without ’em.

Mess of S6 Updates

All week was spent on getting the Sinister Six up to speed, so here’s the whack of updates I did for our friends over there. So I’ll just make like a Megaman News site and just quote my exact words from over there.

This is one monster of an update by that zany ninja Gauntlet! It’s high time we get all of Iceman’s Epilogues on the site as well as some things that have been missing from here. So, here goes!

First off, Odin’s and Fusidane’s bios are up in the profiles page for the sake of completion. Things ended badly with Odin and Fushi was barely a part of the S6 before dropping out of sight … but I’m all about record keeping so there you go.

Next up are three new images drawn by Fushindane in the Guest Art Section. They’re all nicely drawn and worth looking at.

Finally, many, MANY epilogue updates!

Season 2 is finally complete as Ice’s old Season 2 ender is now online! Gotta love Ice’s way of moving on to new seasons before the prior one has been done. Welp, Violence on Television is now online.

Epilogue Specials sees an update with an ep I helped write. The Wonderswan Adventure is online! It centers around those crazy Wonderswan Robot Masters.

Season 4 finally has a proper start, with an epilogue created by me – The New team Awakens! It’s a very of-the-wall sort of epilogue and it had Iceman and the other people I showed it to laughing off their seats once it was done.

Iceman’s Terror of Gassman epilogue is now online. Featuring a character created by Dark Napalm.

A parody of Pokemon is now online in an epilogue called Poke’ Napped.

And, I think the final ep Ice made is now online. Titan Trouble – a crossover with the Teen Titans! Which makes every single epilogue Iceman had online and only showed to friends as a preview is now officially part of the site.

But the fun ain’t over yet!

To completely ram this update into the ground I’ve archived all of the old X-Force epilogues. They were a big part of, the S6’s and MM3’s glory days and they deserve a better home than Geocities. Now every single one of those epilogues is online and ready for reading! Ice was a big part of that team and Ben is now part of the Sinister Six, so it’s only fitting to find those old epilogues here.

And that about wrapps up all my planned updates.

I’m Back!

Yes, I am! After a month of being way too busy to update I’m announcing my triumphant return to active duty!

Of course I don’t actually have anything to update today …. except for the newest Mechanical Maniacs Moment …. but I am announcing I am back.

In addition I’m announcing that I’m helping to get the Sinister Six some updates. They’ve been in a real rut, so I’m filling in on posting some of Iceman’s old epilogues. Watch for them! This … I command!

Lennon Stuff and More

Yes, Lennon, I finally updated your gallery.

Lennon’s made a whole bunch of Mechanical Maniacs cards based on the VS System employed by Marvel and DC. If you’re a fan of our epilogues these are a must-see as they tie in with many of our past adventures.

I’ve also merged Lennon’s old (and now outdated) calendar into his gallery.

Per her request I’ve added Quickman’s Iceman Tribute picture to the Iceman Tribute page and also the Misc. Image gallery. Take care, Quick!

In other news … we switched nameservers because of the recent site slowdown and spontaneous shutdowns. Hopefully that’ll fix things.

Tribute to Iceman

I’m not gonna mince words here. Iceman of the Sinister Six died a few days ago. He left behind many friends and loved ones. I’ll miss him allot.

I’ve made my own tribute page for him for the site. Included is his old bio, a saved chat, words from those who knew him, a tribute picture I drew, and a special epilogue I wrote to say goodbye. Epilogues were what we did … it seemed fitting. I also wrote a bigger speech there than I did here.

If you never knew him I suggest looking at the epilogues he wrote. He put allot of himself in those and he considered them to be the best thing he did for the S6.

New Epilogue!

On a whim, I made a new epilogue! But not only is this a Mechanical Maniacs epilogue … but a Sinister Six one as well! Read the epilogue by Gary, Ben, and myself: Crisis on Earth-Capcom!

MegaFan, Pirate Games

There a few updates this week!

Hardman has made a new game which he’s asked me to upload. It’s “MegaFan: Battle Network”. It’s based off his understanding of BN BEFORE it was released. It’s a two player battle game and it’s pretty fun. Check it out in the Downloads section.

Also, the pirate games page has MASSIVE updates! EVERY page there has been updated! Some games have better pictures. ALOT of all-new pirates have been added!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, check out the three new epilogues Ice posted at the S6. I actually finished them off for him, so not only is there S6 style humour, but ‘Maniacs style action!


Well it’s been a week and no access to the Classic Gaming stuff yet. I guess I’ll never have that handy redirect. BAH! Lessee, in a month I went from 900+ daily hits to 600+ when I said I’d take a small break, to 100 + hits now. Quite a change in fortunes, I must admit.

BAH! I did the affiliates thing so I wouldn’t HAVE to advertise anymore! Oh well……. Once the search engines kick in I’ll feel better. After all, that’s where the majority of hits came from. That and the Bob and George forums advertising my sprite tutorial. I love those guys.

My energy this week has been mostly to get Iceman and the Sinister Six moved to this server. I gotta say we’re making great time. I’d say we have …… oh, about 95 % of the site done. All that’s left is two sections, really. And I don’t think there’s any more broken links left in the site. Hey, I could be wrong, so if you find one e-mail me, but I don’t think there are.

If anyone visits this place to get the 411 on Planet Megaman, our esteemed hosts, and wants to know how long we’ll be until we’re back again ….. I dunno. It seems most of the files have been uploaded. Nothing was lost in, what I refer to as, “the Classic Gaming immaturity incident”. Most of what’s going on now is giving the site some new features and a slightly different look. I don’t think it’ll be too long.

So, what update does that leave for THIS site? Well, I took the time to make a real nice Snakeman wallpaper continuing my “Wallpapers for all the MM3 TV show guys” project. Who’s next? Who knows! You can find the wallpaper in the Downloads section under (guess what?) wallpapers!