This is the backbone of any self respecting MM team site on the planet. However a lucky few actually produced epilouges I'm among to few that written more than ten. Each author has his or her distinctive style.

Ice Man specializes in idiotic humor with a huge side dish of action. Gauntlet steals the show (Almost literally) and changes the status quo from season to season to no two series can be said to be 'alike'. Me? I prefer high-octane action, character drama, and very dark humor and launguage. I'm inspired by the works of the "Ultimate Marvel" writers Brain Michel Bendis and Mark Millar so nothing is below me to use as material.

Episode 0 - Origin

Episode 1- Fantastic Mr. Dragoon

Episode 2-
Talk Stew

Episode 3-
The Secret Room (Written by Marc)

Episode 4-
Jailhouse Rock (Written By Rick)

Episode 5-
Dam-ed if you do, Dam-ed if you don't (Written By Rick)

Episode 6-
My Cousins Wedding

Lost Episodes 6.5 and 6.6

Episodes 7-11- Tale of Two Teams (Co-written by Gary)

Episode 12- Double Doom

Episodes 13-15
- Year of the Fox

Episode 0-A - A New Dawn

Episode 16- E3 Battle (Co-starring Hsu and Chan from EGM!)

Episode 17- Time Lost

Episode 18
- Who's yo Daddy?

Episode 19
- Havoc at Hogwarts

Episode 20
- The Tanakas Strike Back: Part 1

Episode 21-
The Tanakas Strike Back: Part 2

Episodes 22-23 - The Unlimited


Who's Who in the X-Force

X-Force AU

Episode 1 - The Tomorrow Warriors

Episode 2 - Twin Dragoons

MD's Waste Basket

As many of you probably know by now Ben is an accomplished writer, well that would be true if he actually accomplished finishing it. Well he just leaves them in his personal files so one day he can put two and two together. Heck writers probably get their ideas from unfinished work, well enjoy them.

Chance Encounters
When I was first writing AU I made some decent fics but then it was decided I was making them "evolve" too fast so I disregarded it.

Other old-AU fics

Collision Course
An AU epilogues guest starring the classic Sinister Six and Mechanical Maniacs (among many more)!

Spectres of the Past
An epilogue about what could have been Ben's mysterious past.

CD 1067
I never gave this fic a name, it's only one page long.

Genie in a Bottle
Another "What if?" fic, I just wrote this on a whim. >=D.

My Adventure
This fic was inpsired by a girl named Shooter, hers was modeled on the original Sonic Adventure, mine was based on Sonic Adventure 2.

Legend of the Star Stones
An old Comm Tech 20 project that never gone past plotting.

Skiv's Adventure
An adventure starring Skiv and not Ben at all!

Sound fimilar eh? This was probably my first foray into writing a novel-like epic originally planned as a three-part series. Ultimately I pulled the plug on it. This laid the foundation for Realworlds II that's coming out soon.

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