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The Chronicles

Annihilation: The Beginning - By CiFNAS(Serenade)
The Prologue. See how it all began.

1. What job?- By CiFNAS(Serenade)
NG runs out of Soda. Mischief ensues.
1. What motivation?- By CiFNAS(Serenade)
The AH don't have much to fight for, at least not yet...
2. Visit from the Landlady- By Rai(Drillman)
Kalinka comes for a visit, only to find the place a mess.
2. The Delinquent Challenge - By Havoc(Punk)
The Acid Hackers get bored and decide to have a contest. Who will win it all?
3. Initiation- By CiFNAS(Serenade)
The Net Guardians take the test to become Officials, and face more challenges than expected.
3. The First Piece- By CiFNAS(Serenade)
The Acid Hackers go for the first piece of Gamma. What awaits is more than they bargained for.
4. Small Cyberworld- By Rai(Drillman)
Moe runs into an old firend, but why are the Acid Hackers going out of their way to get her?
4. That's Your Plan?- By Rai(Drillman)
The next piece of Gamma is protected by a convoy of Officials. This may require the Acid Hackers to try a little harder than usual.
5. What's That Smell?- By Rai(Drillman)
Vidal returns and has some information on where to find the Acid Hackers base, but can he still be trusted?
5. Getting Along Famously- By Rai(Drillman)
Mr.Famous returns and has tracked down the AcidHackers for a rematch. Do they stand a chance against the famous NetBattler on his own terms?
6. CopyCats- By Jake(Beastman)
A mysterious mischievous navi has appeared on the net and is causing all sorts of trouble the NG pins on AH. Can the Guardians defeat the legendary Monkey King and restore order to their world?
6. A Chance to Win- By Jake(Beastman)
The latset Gamma piece is in the possession of a netbattler with god-like powers. It's up to Jake and his knowledge of Chinese mythology to solve their problem and save the day...although not so much of the last part.
7. A Day at the Beach Area- By Rai(Drillman)
The NG navis get the day off and spend it at a new Virtual Beach in the CyberWorld. However even while trying to relax they can't avoid conflict with the AH, or each other for that matter.
7. Adventures in Smallvania- By Nij(Desertman)
The Ah ops get the day off and TRY to get to the beach so they can take a break from all the unrepentant evil, but face bizarre opposition from the ruler of the smallest Ameropan nation they never knew existed.
8. Viral Past- By Sam(Kingman)
Sam's got a deep, dark, black, belt secret. Will it change things for the NetGuardians forever?
8. SciLab Infection- By Sam(Kingman)
The Hackers are a little closer to unraveling the mystery of Fate, but in the mean time they have to break into SciLab for the penultimate Gamma piece.
9. Something Constructive- By Rai(Drillman)
Half the team sets out to a construction site in attempt to get the drop on the AH, but end up creating a new problem.
9. The Business- By Koala(Plantman)
When Stuart steps out for a minute, the rest of the team decides to snoop around in his room, unaware of the danger they're bringing themselves into.
10. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Cyberworld- By Rai
The NG, AH, and just about everyone else that's been associated with them so far start their race towards the location of the final Gamma Piece. The beginning of the finale extravaganza.
10. The Final Piece- By Rai(Drillman)
The teams reach Electopia and hunt out the giant EXE where the last piece is hidden. Will the Acid Hackers finally complete their mission?
Finale Part 1. Birth- By Rai, Koala, Sam, Cyros, and Jake
Both teams head to Sharo where the creation of Gamma is set to happen. Can the Net Guardians stop it in time? Just what the heck is Gamma anyway?
Finale Part 2. Death- By Rai, Koala, and Sam
Gamma is awakened and no one is safe. The teams face their first casualties and are forced to make uncomfortable decisions.
Finale Part 3. Creation- By Rai and Sam
Right after joining forces, some team members turn around and go their separate ways. The Cossacks supply our heroes with some means to stand up to Fate and Gamma, but things continue to look grim as the Cyberworld falls one system at a time.
Finale Part 4. Annihilation- By Rai, Koala, and Sam
The time has come for the final battle against Gamma. It's just two small teams against an entire world. Not every navi will make it back. Even if they win, will the NG and AH survive?
Break of Dawn - Nijubu's Chronicles
This work in progress explores Nijubu's mysterious character, and ties to a character on certain other EXE team.
Prologue by Nijubu (Desertman)
Nijubu explains to Jeremy who he really is.
Dawn by Nijubu (Desertman)
It's hardly an ordinary morning for Nijubu or Chameos.
Morning by Nijubu (Desertman)
Desertman meets Pharaohman.

PMC - Plantman's Chronicles

Navi and Spri: Part 1 by Koala (Plantman)
A typical Acid Hacker morning from Stuart's perspective.
Part 2 by Koala (Plantman)
Plantman squares off against Burgerman in the most delicious netbattle yet!
Part 3 by Koala (Plantman)
A new crime syndicate appears and Stuart gets caught in their path.
Part 4 by Koala (Plantman)
A mysterious ally gives Stuart a Spri, enlisting him in the fight against the Order of Mayak

Mega Man Ultimate Network Uncut
Chapter 1 by Koala (Plantman)
It's a brand new day in a new reality

Havoc's Epilogues
We tried to start a more traditional epilogue series once but some were lost and after Havoc, no one really took the story up. Here's what he started.
And together we are... Wanna know how we started out? Well, your going to find out anyway.
Madness to the Max! The Acid Hackers cause chaos, and the Net Guardians... uhh... well, they guard the net...
All your case of sodas The Net Guardians Run out of junk food, and the Acid Hackers go shopping.

Taiyo Navi Yamatoman- By MidoriMan(Yamatoman)
It's Carlos and Yamatoman in their own anime-inspired solo adventures!
Banned in the USA?
Carlos and Yamatoman save their favourite TV show from Rightwingers.
A Real Samurai
Hollywood has really done it this time. It's up to Carlos and Yamatoman to bring justice into their own hands. But have they underestimated the enemy?
The Moonlight of a Hellish Past
The plot thickens in regards to Carlos, Yamatoman, and their mysterious adversaries.
The Best Way Possible!
The ongoing struggle between Hollywood and common sense. Now with Naomi as Yamatoman's partner in crimefighting.
Get Me out of Iujin!
Enzan's father murdered? This looks like a job for Carlos!
Union of Two Spears
Carlos gets caught up in a huge conspiracy and has to face some of the strongest elemental navis around. Yamato's biggest, most fast-paced adventure yet!
It's Not Enlargement
Someone's targeting Carlos! More explosions than you can shake a Himitsuken at!
Crimes With Orange
Garfield the Movie?! Those Hollywood guys never learn, do they?
A Rather Disastrous Break
Carlos doesn't get a break from teaching Gekkoman his lessons.
Challenge of the Great Detective
An old friend visits Carlos in time to help him out with a new enemy.
Just a Bunch of Racing Fools
It's a high speed adventure to thwart the evil group Black Diamond!

Side Stores

The Day of Sam - By Blackbelt(Kingman)
Sam meets his evil twin.

AH vs. NG! by Beastman
The navis of Annihilation meet for an action-packed tournament style competition.

60 Seconds with Beastman by Beastman
Beastman interviews various navis with tight time constraints. A very funny ongoing series.

Moe Fortis and Fortissimo.exe - By RaijinK(Drillman)
Moe's background as a secret agent. (WTF?) Takes place just before MM:BN3, ties into the Viral Infection storyline. (An EXE1 team where I played Skullman.exe)

Grand Duel by Plantman
Stuart gets ambushed by netbattler as skilled as he is.

Angel Falls - By Nijubu(Desertman)
Nijubu and Chameos and dreams of waterfalls. Warning: some shonen-ai, PG-13.
Mindfields - By Nijubu(Desertman)
The cast of Annihilation start a shootout in a Mall.(Note: Incomplete)
Fire - By Nijubu(Desertman)
Nijubu and Johnny have a deep conversation while staring at the stars. Set at Nij's duplex.(Note: Incomplete)

File Corrupted by CiFNAS (Serenade)
Serenade encounters an unusual situation, and the consequences are dire. A new virus appears, and Serenade must defeat it without being defeated himself.
Matt's Story - By Gemini(Flashman)
Find out about Flashman's operator. (Note: Incomplete)
The Weird Illegal Music Download Adventure - By Johnny(Flameman)
It's set in the chronicle timeline...sorta...but it's in epilogue format. Disregarding consistency, it's a good read!
A Match Maid in Hell - By Johnny(Flameman)
More wacky adventures with cat boy! This time Mr.Match is out for revenge against Johnny. Looks like trouble for Mr.Match.


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