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Hello, and welcome to Gauntlet's Guides! This is kinda sorta the rantings and ravings section of the site, so if you like to read - you've come to the right place.

Sometimes funny, sometimes insightful, always thought provoking, Gauntlet's Guides is here just for YOU.

And remember, just because the name is Gauntlet's Guides, that doesn't mean only I, Gauntlet can write a Guide. The name just sounds cool to me.

New Guides

Gauntlet's Guide to Galvatron Mk 2 - Alright, I'm a big fan of Galvy. No surprise there. Also no surprise that I've amassed a whole TRUCKLOAD of images on the guy. Now I put together all the pieces of the puzzle to try and construct a detailed timeline on the design history of Galvatron.

Green Lantern: In Blackest Night - So, there's a huge Green Lanternm storyline set for the near future ... does this guide give you all you need to know to understand it? No. But it does give some observations on some of the similarities it has to some past ideas as well as specific looks to every pre BL Greaan Lantern ring.

Top Guides

The Sprite Tutorial - Perhaps one of the most famous sections of the site, the sprite tutorial! It tells people how to make sprites - basically. The first sprite tutorial ever on the net!

Megaman Pages - Gauntlet's opinion on what makes a good Megaman page ..... and what makes a bad Megaman page...


Walkthrough - Gauntlet's (pointless) guide to Mega man 3!

EXE Walkthrough - A complete and thorough walkthough on Megaman Battle Network

Capcom Crisis 2000 - Read about the event that nearly shattered all the Megaman pages!

Gauntlet Himself and Lysekoid's Sprite Judging! - Mostly on the sprite judging. Get tips for getting the gold prize!

Gauntlet's Guide to Monster Anime Shows - What are these shows? And, more importantly, what makes them stupid?

The hype between video games and parents - That's what I wanna know!

Megaman - Just *who* is Megaman?

Sprite Usage - A short rant on what someone really should not do to piss people in the community off.

Electric Blue Superman - Just what were they thinking!?

Beast Wars / Machines - The ultimately unsuccessful Transformers revamp!

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation - Once upon a time, Saban tried to bring back the most successful franchise of the '80s! Success or utter failure?

Galvarton - The greatest villain in the epilogues, the Decepticon known as Galvatron!

Bizarro Yellow Lantern - The greatest and most revered hero of the Bizarro World!

Power Ring - The evil Green Lantern of the Antimatter Universe and Earth-3

Green Ranger - The only cool Power Ranger that lasted for more than 1 season.

Phoenix - The Chaos Bringer, Jean Gray herself!

Optimums Prime - Not Primal, PRIME.

Gauntlet's Guide to being X-treme! - The horror of replacing every "ex" word with an "x" is revealed!

Gauntlet's Guide to Reploid Sex! - Watch as the hits for this section skyrocket now that I used the word "sex"!

Gauntlet's Guide to Protoman as a Villain! - The most griped about thing in the Mega-Shows. Well, that and the muscles.

Gauntlet's Guide to The Megaman Community - Has it changed? If so how does Gauntlet feel about people who endlessly complain about it?

Gauntlet's Guide to Stuff Gauntlet Hates - Find out what makes Gauntlet annoyed.

Gauntlet's Guide to Megaman Cosplay - Or rather, the community's reaction to Megaman cosplay.

Gauntlet's Guide to Why it is Illogical That Legends Connects at all to the Main Timeline - Pretty DAMN self-explanitory.

Gauntlet's Guide Unnecessary Translations - Translation are all well and good, but sometimes it goes out of hand.

Gauntlet's Guide to The Pokemon Anime - More bitching about the boring kiddie show!

Gauntlet's Guide to Ten Things you Probably Didn't Know About Unicron - Listing some things I have found out and some things that I didn't find out about the chaos bringer of the Transformers.


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