Fiction: The Epilogues

Series 7

The epilogues are our made-up adventures in Monsteropolis as we fight crime for fame and fortune! So, what's up with "Series 7" you newcomers may ask? This is an ongoing series and Series 7 is the very latest stories made by the team. Of course the other series are still readable, but they aren't necessary to understand everything that goes on in the current series. Think of it like comic books and you'll get the right idea.

Issue #0 - "It all happened a long time ago." - The background story to Series 7!

Mechanical Maniacs: Life After Life - What ever happened to the Mechanical Maniacs?

Issue #1 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!? Part 1 - The story of Megaman 3! It starts here!

Issue #2 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!? Part 2 - Megaman faces off against the future Mechanical Maniacs ... with some "help".

Issue #3 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!? Part 3 - Megaman has, *spoiler*, beaten the Robot Masters! But now Doc Robot threatens the mining worlds. And just what is this "Breakman's" problem!?

Issue #4 - Dr. Wily's Last Stand!? Part 4 - It's Megaman VS Dr. Wily in a titanic showdown!

Issue #5 - Hammar Assault - A new team of Robot Masters are causing havoc throughout the world. But something about these guys seems ... off.

Issue #6 - No Newbs Is Good Newbs - Several people have started to disappear from Monsteropolis lately and it's up to the Mechanical Maniacs to find them!

Issue #7 - Eyeball - Shadowman has had enough. He, and the rest of the Mechanical Maniacs investigate the mystery behind the Technodrome's missing eyeball.

Issue #8 - Spiral - The seemingly insurmountable problem told in Life after Life is revealed here. But will what comes out of this revelation be more than the Mechs can handle?

Issue #9 - Brain Bot Snaps - Brain Bot is fed up with Crorq's endless abuses. But what can he possibly do to his overbearing boss? Guest starring the Mechanical Maniacs!

Issue #10 - Remnant Part 1 - A tale with more than a few surprising twists and turns as the PC team actually ... triumphs!?

Issue #11 - Remnant Part 2 - Things go from bad to worse as the Mechs must continuie to deal with the Sinister Six.

Issue #12 - Remnant Part 3 - It seems the entire world is against the Mechs as they battle former allies. But just who is responsible for all this? Can it really be the Sinister Six?

Issue #13 - Remnant Part 4 - With foes all around the Mechanical Maniacs are nearly overwhelmed. Can a deal with the devil really save them?


Fantabulous Summaries - Summaries of Series 1-6. A 10th anniversary special!


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