Fiction: The Epilogues

Series 4

Series 4 is split almost completely in half. Half in a cool alternate universe and half with us mooching off the Sinister Six. Originally, this series was supposed to be ALL in the Otherverse, however by this point EVERYONE was sick of being anywhere except the MM universe, so that was cut a little short. I'd have to say that, despite some lack of focus, this series has great moments. Mirror, Mirror has GOTTA be the best epilogue in the entire run - it highlights Gemini's drama and action sequences as well as my goofy comedy and it was the very first ep to be written completely in the private forum waaaay back in the short period after it merged with the Megaman United forum and before it shut down completely.

And, of course, it has the specials which were mainly projects that were half-finished or saved content from Viral Infection. The SNL epilogues were an idea by Stoneman that never quite materialized, but were finished at the time by Iceman because ...... well, there's little sense in wasting a good idea. And the VI epilogue was posted just because it's referenced so damn much in the S6, my epilogues, chats, the forum ....... basically it was one HUGE in-gag that no one woulda got if I didn't save it. And that's Series 4 in a nutshell.

Issue #0 - "We're Not in Kansas Anymore." - The background story to Series 4!

Issue # 1 - Megaman- Trapped in a world that doesn't recognize them, the Mechanical Maniacs are hunted by ever robot master's worst enemy.

Issue #2 - Jail Break- Geminiman comes up with a great plan to get some quick cash. Naturally, it backfires.

Issue # 3 - Mystery of the Cossack Bots- Adventures in the other reality continue as the mysterious and powerful desert jewel is stolen!

Issue # 4 -Ring Man’s Capture - When Ringman captures Needlegal, only the rest of the team can save her!

Issue # 5 - Evil Is as Evil Does - Cossack dead!? Who could do such a thing? Is this the end of the Mechanical Maniacs' adventures in another reality?

Issue # 6 - Warriors of the Future - Can the Mechanical Maniacs defend against these ultimate warriors!?

Issue # 7 - Enter the Hologram! - When Gauntlet's holograms form a mind of their own, who can stop them?

Issue # 8 - Add-On Epilogue - Written by members of the Mechanical Maniacs' forum, the team finds itself in one sticky (and unlikely) situation after another! Can the Mechanical Maniacs ever escapy the happy city?

Issue # 9 - Mixed Up Mechanical Mayhem - Can the Mechanical Maniacs function when their powers are all mixed up?

Issue # 10 - The Weapon of Absolute Doom!- What weapon has been created? Why? What's with all the rhetorical questions!? Read on!

Issue # 11 - Mirror, Mirror Part 1 - It's time to take on those evil versions! But is it possible that the evil uses are just as cunning as we are!?

Issue # 12 - Mirror, Mirror Part 2 - The battle continues! Are the evil uses immortal?

Issue # 13 - Return of a Maniac- The Mechanical Maniacs have returned from their long stay out of Mega Land!

Issue # 14 - Stupid Game Once Played in Grade 5 - The 'Maniacs are resting peacefully until Topman discovers something "exciting" in the newspaper.

Issue # 15 - Battle in the Bar - The Mechanical Maniacs' old warehouse was turned into a bar!? It can spell nothing but trouble.

Issue # 16 - More Damn Pokemon- Once again the Mechanical Maniacs must battle the absurd as their enemies attack with a new deadly weapon!

Issue # 17 - Team Badass - Gauntlet joins an awsome new team comprised solely of badasses! But is even THIS enough to beat the Decepticons?

Issue # 18 - Power Failure - Duo, still possessed by the Evil Energy, attacks the Mechanical Maniacs! A wrap-up for the Robotic Raiders!

Issue #19 - The Epilogue Written by the Author who Hasn't Written an Epilogue in a While (volume 1)- Gary's in jail!? Can the 'Maniacs help him' WILL The 'Maniacs help him?

Issue # 20 - YOU are the Admiral Now - Who is the admiral now? Why are the Decepticons so interested? All this and the Noid too!

Issue # 21 - War between Wilys - The final battle approaches with True Chimeraman. The Mechanical Maniacs faceoff this menace allied with untrusted enemies.

Issue # 23 - Time for some R & R - After all this battles, the 'Maniacs take a well deserved break. But what's the deal with these pesky ninjas?

Issue # 24 - Possession Part 1 - The Mechanical Maniacs and the Sinister Six VS the Decepticons!

Issue # 25 - Possession Part 2 - It's (guess what?) part two of the above!

Issue # 26 - Possession Part 3 - It's the Mechanical Maniac's final confrontation between Galvatron and his unexpected allies (at least for THIS series). Hope diminishes in the face of such overwhelming power ..... what can the Mechanical Maniacs and the Sinister Six hope to accomplish when their enemies have already won?

Issue #27 - Aftermath: A New Beginning to a Similar End of a Different Tale - After the big battle what can the 'Maniacs do to escape the cops?


When members of the Mechanical Maniacs, Sinister Six and X-Force team up to storm New York and conquer late night, only chaos can ensure! An old project, this began at the beginning of Series 3 and was only finished recently! In terms of chronology, this would happen shortly after the Metropolis super hero convention.

SNL Part 1 - The intro - By Geminiman!

SNL Part 2 - Live From X-Force City! It's Saturday Night! - By Magma Dragoon!

SNL Part 3 - Celebrity Jeopardy! - By Shadowman!

SNL Part 4: The Final Part...Yay! - by Iceman!


Viral Infection Special: Something out of the Ordinary ... - by Iceman!


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