Fiction: The Epilogues

Series 3

Series 3 had an actual story. And honest-to-God story. And it had a point. See, in Series 2 we had a crossover with the Sinister Six about ....... every other day it seemed. And while I like Ice and all ....... we needed to grow a little.

Issue # 0 - " "Life is a highway..." - The introduction to spectacular Series 3!

Issue # 1 - Executable Execution - Sharkman returns to battle the Mechanical Maniacs! But there's something different about him......

Issue # 2 - Celebrate good times, come on! - Topman's birthday!

Issue # 3 - Geminiman's Birthday - In a strange twist of coincidence, Lennon made his own birthday epilogue!

Issue # 4 - Rita Repulsa Strikes Back - Hey, if you can't discern the plot of this one from the title, I can't help you.

Issue # 5 - The Mechanical Maniacs Vs the Gorillaz - It occurs to me that the plot of the epilogue is entirely evident by the titles at most times.

Issue # 6 - The Metropolis Superhero Convention Part One - The Tick Is One Hell Of A Funny Comic Book! - The Megaman 3 team finally reaches the Metropolis superhero convention. But what's with the cold shoulder!?

Issue # 7 - The Metropolis Superhero Convention Part Two - STOP!! Xelloss is one powerful guy! - Xelloss battles Gauntlet as the convention turns nasty! What's going on with these super heroes??

Issue # 8 - Does Being Insanely Super Strong Necessarily Make You Insanely Super Smart? - What happens when the Mechanical Maniacs stumble upon someone insanely powerful? Is there any hope for survival? Sure there is! It *is* our series after all.

Issue # 9 - Attack Of The Palette Swapped Ninjas! - Oh, I think the title speaks for itself. Already a classic!

Issue # 10 - A Few Short Stories - Ever wonder what happens in the stories that aren't fully told? Wonder no more! However ... is something wrong with the memories?

Issue # 11 - Enter Cell... - The Mechanical Maniacs meet the android knows as Cell for the first time! ....... again.

Issue # 12 - Terminated - What's up with the Mechanical Maniacs? How has the old members returned? And why is that Terminator looking at me funny?

Issue # 13 - The Ultimate Duel - Has Lennon really joined Wily?

Issue # 14 - Dragons Make for Tough Enemies - A bunch of dragons pick a fight with the Mechanical Maniacs! What's their problem!?

Issue # 15 - Spirit of the Sword - Geminiman's quest begins. Hey, who are these strange people he keeps on meeting? And how do they know him!?

Issue # 16 - Littering Is Bad For Our Planet! - After the Mechanical Maniacs thoughtlessly litter, they must be taught a lesson by none other than the Planeteers themselves!

Issue # 17 - Run in at N. Sanity Beach - Lennon's quest continues.

Issue # 18 - I am Invincible - Part of the "crossover" event of the year: the ol' Switcheroo! Written by Ben of the X-Force.

Issue # 19 - Showdown at Skull Fortress - Will Geminiman Learn the secrets of his past? And what has it got to do with Wily? Lennon's quest concludes!

Issue # 20 - The Epilogue! (Spooky eh?) - Topman runs out on the team to have some fun! But what are the police doing chasing after him? And could that be Doctor Wily?!

Issue # 21 - Revenge Through Proxy - Remember when the X-Force crossed the Mechanical Maniacs waaaaaaaaay back in "a tale of two teams"? No? Well, Gauntlet does!

Issue # 22 - He's like an alternate-dimensional parallel being to me! - The Mechanical Maniacs meet an odd group of people from out of nowhere ...... although they seem stragely familiar....

Issue # 23 - Journey's End Part 1 - When Plans Collide - It's the Legion of Doom versus Dr. Wily and the Captain N villains!

Issue # 24 - Journey's End Part 2 - End of the Line - Who has been behind the strange time anomalies? And what will they do next? See the thrilling conclusion to Seriews 3!