Perhaps the best way to cheat is using the old Game Genie, ain't that right, Mega man?

I'll have nothing to do with you rotting people's gaming skills. Host this section on yer own.

*Hrmph* Fine, who needs you. Here we go, straight from the Game Genie code book!

1 AENKKAZA One life. Woo-pee.

2 IENKKAZA Six lives.

3 AENKKAZE Uh .... something to do with lives.

4 PAOONPZA One life after continue.

5 IAOONPZA Six lives after continue.

6 AAOONPZE Nine, blah, blah, blah....

7 AEEGXLPA Writing's a little smudged here........

8 YEUKOTGA Worthless Mega-jumping code (I'll go into that later).

9 ASXSTLGP Makes yer slides longer.

10 NNKIALEE Faster slides.

11 GXVAAASA Infinite energy.

12 NYKGXSGK Faster Mega man.

13 ZAKGNIPA "Mega-fast" Mega man.

Remember, if using an ACTUAL Game Genie you can only input three codes max. Yeah, it sucks.

However, there are other useful ways to cheat at Mega man 3.

Super Jump / Don't die in pits - Hold right on controller two and Mega man can jump "Mega-high"! Also, as an added bonus, he an run around in pits.

Slow Mo - Hold up on controller two. Slows down the animation. Really, it's only useful once. If you get hit while on Slow MO, you may wanna go to normal time since it gets annoying.

Zombie Mega man - Go down a pit. When you're energy meter goes down to nothing quickly press right on controller two and jump out. Mega man will have no life left, yet he'll still be alive! He won't be able to shoot arm cannon though. Still, if you have any special weapons, you'll be able to fight and continue on! Also: if you grab any life energy pellets, you'll revive Mega man with only a few hit points left, so watch out!

There's a few others, but they aren't that useful These are all you really need.

Are you done ruining the skills of NES players now Gauntlet?

Oh, shut up, you green piece of snot.


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