The Wily Stages

Ow ....... Sonuva ....

Enough with the lip! More with the tip!

(Someday......) *Sigh* The mysterious red robot looks like another robot master! Breakman comes back for a final battle! Now he looks more like a Sniper Joe than ever before! If that is his true origin at all.

Breakman's impervious to master weapons this time and that block stops him from running too much. Still his pattern is easy to follow. Clobber Breakman to head off to Wily's Skull Castle!

The turtle machine is next on the mega-tough boss list. If you can call a pathetically lame boss robot "mega-tough".

Hit these wacky mutants with the Shadowblade to destroy the turtle dispenser! Hitting the dispenser itself won't do a thing!


The Yellow Devil stands ready at level two! This Mega-fiend has learned a few new tricks making it a grueling battle.

Everyone knows how to beat the Cyclops! Fire the Elec Beam and press the select button to pause the game! Do that over and over to hit the Monster multiple times. An easy victory!

Easy victory...... Our veiwers aren't STUPID, Gauntlet! They know that -


Shut up! Stop ruining the tips! Read the script or so help me ......

Grrrrrr..... "You've heard of evil twins? How about evil triplets?! These Mega nuisances fire shots that home in on you, but only ONE is real! Hit the real one with Search Snakes!"

OR, you can wait at the bottom and hit him with a good 'ol Top Spin to kill the clones in one hit. He'll get there eventually.


It's a mega-tradition to face off against the robot masters again!

Which shows you just how worn out the series is already. The only weapons you'll need past this point are Rush jet, Top Spin, Hard Knuckle, and Magnet Missiles. Feel free to waste out of any other weapon.



I'll wear you out ......

Hey, look! It's GAMMA!!

Ah, who are you kidding? Everyone knows that's not Gamma.

Yeah, well, everyone's beaten the game and this guide's a waste of time.

A waste in so many ways.....

Hh. Well, I am Gauntlet and this has been Gauntlet's guides.

Like anyone's impressed!




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