Geminiman is next on the list.

The Mega-powerful barrage of enemy fire on the slippery surface is only the tip of the iceberg when compared to what waits under the surface. The battle won't be any easier when you make it to the leader, either.

Well, that's for sure. Unless you cheat anyway.

You'll have a Mega-weird encounter with "the mysterious red robot" here.

Stage Enemies
Mosquito's back and as annoying as ever.

Flame Pod's really cool looking.

Little frog things.
Little snakey makes a surprise appearance.
Chill Penguin. Who knew?
Egg-dropping Penguin.
Gets shot from Penguinator.
Penguinator - the giant penguin.
Missile fish.
Pickleman Dada makes a return!
These guys hatch from fish eggs.

The surface of Geminiman's world look much more sleek than the interior.

That's for Mega-sure!



*Hmph* Well, to avoid getting hit by the flame pods, let them drop two fire walls and quickly jump over one. They won't fly backwards.

Or jump over them, as I do.

These fish eggs are tricky. Hit them twice in quick succession. Be careful not to destroy ones you'll need to walk on later.

That's right. There's a little more thinking involved -

Hey! How'd you get up THERE Gauntlet!?

Um ..... now THAT is a SECRET!



Next up is a giant Penguin launcher. They'll be several penguins guarding this mega-machine.

Including Chill Penguin!


Yeah! I guess his first appearance WASN'T Megaman X! Everybody musta just missed him.

Geminiman is unlike any other Robot Master before because the first thing he does is split! His two selves go around the room and they fire whenever you fire! Use the search snakes when they get close so you can concentrate on dodging.

Be careful though. When those snakes reach those fish eggs, they'll release polls! They'll mess up your strategy.

Um, yeah. Gemini also has the distinction of being the first robot master to change his pattern after his energy is half way down. He'll just run around and try to fire his lazer. He's actually easier this way, keep pelting him with snakes!



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