Getting Started

There are currently four Mega-great versions of Megaman three! One for the Nintendo (or famicom in Japan), one for Playstation (part of the Mega-great re-release of Rockman games called Rockman complete works!), one for the Play Choice-10 Arcade machine (which was exactly like the NES version), and one for the Sega Gemisis remake anthology called the "Wily Wars" where all the graphics - and some gameplay - has been redesigned!

THIS guide will cover the NES Megaman 3 and will assume you're using an actual NES and an ACTUAL Game Genie and not a rom.

Our loyal veiwers would NEVER use a ROM! They are Mega-illegal!

Um ..... yeah.

Also, as an added treat for our guests, this walkthrough is SPOILER-FREE!!!!

Yeah. So, if by some gigantic fluke, you've never played Megaman three and never heard any bit of the plot involved, nothing will be spoiled for you. Now, in case you are a complete moron, this is how to phisically get started in a chapter I like to call:


1. Insert the Mega Man 3 Game Pak into your Nintendo console and turn it on. The title screen appears. Remember to correctly insert you'r game genie into the pack, because we WILL be cheating for this.

2. No we Mega-won't, Gauntlet! Don't listen to him, folks! Now, at the title screen, press Select on your controller to choose a Normal game mode. Then press Start

3. Sure we "mega-will"! Now you can begin a new game, or use a password to -

4. I said we won't be cheating!!! ...... *ahem* On the next screen, you're surrounded by mug shots of the 8 Robot Masters. Use the control pad to-

5. To end the game at any time, turn off your Nintendo console. Cheers.


I Mega-hate you.


Now, to reveiw the story as copied directly from the manual!


"Calling Mega Man! Calling Mega Man! Come in please!

"Mega Man, we need you! We're down to the wire on our peace-keeping project. We've got to get those last energy crystals or we can't finish it. Dr. Wily is here now, too... Yes... he's finally found his sanity. He knows where the crystals are! They're in the mining worlds, but we can't get to 'em. The robots are running amok and they're destroying everything!

"You've got to get there, Mega Man, and get those crystals! You'll have to face some pretty mean metal. Expect the worst! Is Rush there with you? Give him a bolt to chew on and tell him it's from us. What's that -- we must be getting static-- sounds like you said 'Woof!'

"Mega Man, get to those mining worlds pronto! Grab the crystals and stop whoever's in charge. He's one lunatic guy!

"This is Dr. Light, Over and out!"

Yes, so the situation in THIS game is that Wily turns good. Note the dismissive tone in my voice.

*ahem* Gauntlet, now, Wily really could've turned a new leaf .... RIGHT!?



Move left or -

Do we really have to go through all this?

Yes we do! There are people who might not know and we owe it to them to be as thourogh as -

I'm just saying that maybe we can just skip to the end!

Skip to the end!?

Yeah, you know, save ourselves just a little effort. I'm sure our veiwers can all figure out how to work the controls of an NES game made in 1990!!

It was 1991 to be exact!


Well, I suppose you *do* have a point. Only thing that may throw you Mega-players off is that down and right (or left) and A will make you slide.


We did not make these things up, folks! Stright from the manual! Fire past obstacles when you can to hit the enemy at long range.

If you start falling, press the control pad UP-LEFT or UP-RIGHT. You might be able to Mega-save yourself.

When Mega Man is damaged, he can't be hurt for ..... fuck, this is rediculous! Just play the game.


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