Arm Cannon / Plasma Cannon - My basic weapon. You can only shoot three shots of Mega-weak plasma at the enemy at a time.
Gemini Laser - You shoot one laser beam at a time. It bounces off the walls too, which makes it a handy weapon to use sometimes. However, it gets irritating because you can't switch weapons while it's in screen.
Hard Knuckle - I shoot my Mega-tough fist at evil robots! There's a slight delay though.
Magnet Missiles - You shoot these (guess what?) magnets and they go up or down to hit the enemy. Actually pretty handy when facing giant cats or giant snakes and you do more dodging than aiming.
Needle Cannon - You shoot needles Mega-fast! Be careful though, because this weapon tends to drain Mega-fast too!
Search Snakes - they go along the ground until they go off screen or hit something. Your best chance of hitting something is if you go right up to it and shove the snakes in their face.

Shadow Blades - The best -

It's my turn!

Screw you, I'm covering this weapon! You can shoot them from any direction and they make this cool -


Oh, shut up! They make this buzzing sound. Plus they boomerang back.

Spark Shot - These

It's MY turn!

You screwed up my Shadow Blade post, so I think not!

It's MY Mega-turn!

I don't wanna do this one, you can have it.

Oh, so you take all the "cool" attacks and then I get the lame ones? Is that how it works?


Well, screw you! I won't cover this one!

Well, I won't either.


Just get on with it. May as well.

Oh, Mega-fine.

Rush Coil - makes you jump higher.

Rush Jet - The best version of Rush Jet in the series. Up, down, and all around, just be careful not to waste all your energy.
Rush Marine - Basically Rush Jet in the water.


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