According to my issue of Nintendo Power, after you beat Sparkman you'll move on to
For no particular reason - a screenshot!
Snakeman's level.

Of course, Sparkman's weapon really has no effect on Snakeman, so I think they got it Mega-worng!

Well, be that as it may, that's what my handy-dandy guide says to do.

I'm beginning to doubt whether you actually played the game at all!

Do I need to call Needlegal back?


Right. Now, then. Don't be fooled by the picture above! Snakeman is actually pretty cool looking! However, the images from Nintendo Power changed his good design into a bad design!

Mega-yeah! The most Mega-annoying part of Snakeman's stage is all the tiny Snakes. They're not too hard to avoid, but they make navigating difficult!

Stage Enemies
Bullet - Hides in a cloud until you shoot it.

Ant - those ladder climber things.

Dada - Bounces all around.
Annoying bomb dropper.
Pole-vault guy. You'll know when you see him.
Little snake.
Big Snake (duh)!
And the stupid Hammer Joe again.
Ladder chomping guy.
The most Mega-annoying enemy in Snake man's level.

Eventually, you'll have to fight the really big snake. Don't bother going along the path too close to the head, just stay near the ladder and avoid the fireballs.

Yeah, no kidding Einstein. "Avoid the fireballs" he says.

Just jump over the two as they go under you and you'll just miss on that goes over

OR, you can just jump OVER the snake and onto the next part. That is -

If you're cheating, yeah we ALL know!

"I get high on LIFE!"

Near the end, you'll come across this sky scape where you'll have to jump clouds in typical video game fashion.

Needless to say, if you're cheating, you can simple walk through this. See, pits wouldn't be a problem.

But for you REAL gamers -

Ouch. That Mega-hurts, Megaman!
That's funny .... I don't remember
THIS in the game....



Eventually you'll get to Snake man. Watch out for that giant snake! If you thought he was annoying alone, he's twice as annoying with Snakeman around!

Shadowblades are the weapon-of-choice for gutting Snakeman. So, you probably could face him right after beating Shadowman.

Snakeman only shoots his Mega-annoying Search Snakes in the corners of the room. Just jump over him and pelt him with Shadowblades.

Oh, yeah, and watch out for the big snake's fireballs. "Avoid them."


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