I'm beginning to think you've tampered with these screenshots, Gauntlet!

Tampered!? Oh, God, you and your accusations!

I mean it! If we tamper with the screenshots -

Oh, shut up! We're already in a new part of the walk through!
Stage Enemies
Really big cat - throws robotic fleas and yarn at you. What was Wily thinking when he designed these things??

Frog-like thing. Hops around.

Mini-top ........ shoots at you just like before.
Bolt. Follows you.
The original concept for Topman.
The most annoying part of the level is fighting the stupid cat.

It takes a bit of skill to defeat it.

I use Magnet missiles to clobber it quickly. You won't need 'em.

On this one point, we agree!



This is a kinda tricky part. Even if you cheat.

You know, Gauntlet, you're not even supposed to BE in the game.

Not this again.....

It's "Megaman 3." Megaman, not "Shadowman", not "Gauntlet"!

Listen, you gotta get over this jealousy-thing! It's unhealthy!

NO! I won't share MY spotlight with you! You're a liar and a cheater and ... and ....

*sigh* We're not actually gonna get anything done are we?

See! THIS is not in the game! Oh, site viewers, I must apologize for my immature, dimwitted -


This is all a sham! A stupid, stupid sham!!

Oh, will you just -

No!! I will not stay silent!!! The people MUST learn the Mega-truth! They -


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