Doc Robot

After you've completed the first eight stages, there's a small surprise waiting for you. Doc Robot!

That's right, folks! The fun ain't over yet.

The first robot Doc will imitate is Airman! Of course, you've learned a few new Mega-moves since Megaman 2.

The slide is your saving grace. Many times you can simply slide under Airman's Tornadoes and catch victory. Shoot him with magnet missiles or Spark Shots before continuing.

Next up is Chrashman. Stay far away from this robot master and try to avoid his bombs!

Hard knuckle and Needle Cannon work the best against this yellow fool.

In Gemini's world Doc Robot assumes the guise of Flashman! He's just as challenging as in my previous adventure .... and allot harder to jump over!

Give him a dose of Gemini Laser or Needle Cannon to put out his lights.

Doc Robot then takes the guise of my old foe Bubbleman!!

Use Needlecannon and Shadow Blade to bust his bubble.

What the Hell's this!?

Lost the image.

Lost the image!?

Aw, who cares? Wodman's Woodman.

I'm trying to do a PROFESSIONAL job here, Gauntlet while you're just goofing around not doing any work! And why isn't YOUR sprite in these shote, hunh!?

He-LO! Earth to Megaman! I had to nab these shots MYSELF! So I played the NORMAL Megaman 2! Use yer brain!

And this shot - it doesn't help out veiwers at al!!

Look, Mega, you can complain or leave.

Ah, here's an easy tip. Metalman's weakness is his own weapon! Everyone knows that!

Yer Mega-full of it.

At least the black and white beta shot is real.

While you folks won't normally be able to see it, I have an exclusive beta version of Megaman 3 which has ALL the levels as Doc Robot levels and has Magnetman's level ruled by Elecman and Cutman! Whoda thought!?

Oh, gimme a -



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