Megaman's off treating his wounds and so I've started without him. Now get ready to hear all about the wild world of Shadowman!

Stage Enemies
Chankey - Comes from lava. Very annoying.
Walking Eye - Follows you around.
Hologram - generates a funky starry sky.
Walking Bomb - blows up when fired on.
Frog - hops towards you.
Pickle Dozer - Slowly, uh, ..... dozes it's way towards you.
Pickleman Dada - Slowly .... jackhammers .... towards you.
Dragonfly - fast bugger.
Parachute - Parachutes down into holes.
Mini-top ........ shoots at you just like before.
Time bomb - Will go off after you touch it.
Sniper Joe - annoying guy jumps allot.


Early on you face Blu - erm ...... that "mysterious red guy" again. Geez, what could his problem be? At any rate, as you can see he's brought along two Sniper Joe to help him making this battle almost as tough as a robot master one! Still, they all move in a very easy pattern to -

Hey, I'm Mega-back! The doctors said it would heal fine, no thanks to you. Hey, what's going on here?

Oh, NOTHING. Just .... started without you.

Wait ....... are those Sniper Joes?

*ahem* moving right along ....... Eventually, you'll have to face the hologram generators. They'll mask the surrounding area, so be very careful as you go.

Hm, there's something Mega-off in THIS picture.

What do you mean? Those time bombs are official Shadowman enemies you know!

Yeah, I do remember them in a Shadowman level. But not -

ANYWAY, after jumping on them you have 3 seconds before it explodes

Ah, the final stretch before you reach Shadowman. Pretty simple. Wait until those parachute guys fall into the pit and them jump.

Or you can walk along the bottom if you, y'know, cheat. But also watch out for the chankeys, they'll mess you up.


Yes, Megaman And also that Met with a jackhammer! He's on some of the -

Wait a minute here.....

Now you're in for the ultimate battle!

Wait! You're making this up again!!

Shut up!

No! Shadowman doesn't turn to wood! And he doesn't have a frog either!

Uh, sure he does! Look at the screen shot!

It's bogus! Look, there are even three of them!!

That's because Shadowman can make 2 holograms of himself. Now will you shut up so I can tell the good people how to beat him?


Shadowman can throw up to three Shadowblades at you, and he also has you're new feature - the slide! Try to hit him with the Top Spin, but be warned, he'll turn into a block of wood in order to block it! Shadow can also generate 2 holograms, but they'll disappear after only one hit. Be careful, they are tricky guys.

And the frog?

Shadowman can summon the frog, but it's not too bad, I guess. But when he really gets low on health he'll use the Muramasa which -

Okay, that's it. This part is over!


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