Ah, Sparkman. Poor Sparkman has no hands.

But he makes up for it by being Mega-surly!

Sparkman's world has some unique electrical traps, but other than that it's more of the same. Take 'em on one at a time!

That's Mega-right! There's no timer here, so feel free to show a little patience!

Stage Enemies
Peterchy - You've seen these guys before.

Beware energy walls! They're annoying!

Bolt - Nothing new here.
Pickle Dozer - Slowly come towards you.
Hammer Joe - vulnerable when he shows his eye.
Elecn - Sprays sparks everywhere.
Time Bomb - Goes off after you step on it.
Pickleman Dada - A Met operating heavy machine ..... hey waitaminute.

Gauntlet, I don't think Pickleman Dada is even IN Megaman 3!

Sure he is! Shame on you, Magaman. Always trying to find fault.

*hrumph*! Well, getting on with things..... see this elec wall right here? It'll need to recharge for a few seconds. Jump over it when it does!

Pretty simple, eh? Might even wonder why we're bothering to write a guide at all!


Quiet! No one cares to hear from you!


The next thing are these falling "brain blocks". Sometimes shooting them will give you power ups, but you're likely to take a hit trying to get at them. My advice is to move past them quickly since they drop fast.

I like to use Guts Power to pick up these blocks to use as weapons later.


Ah, you'll have to face this on the home stretch. Be careful, those blocks go up as soon as you touch them!

A touch of honesty for once, Gauntlet? I'm surprised.

Yes, well, if you do things MY way, you can just walk along the bottom of the large pit. Of course YOUR way makes things a tad more .... difficult.

Although MUCH more rewarding I Mega-say!

Finally, you'll face Sparkman himself!

Seven shots from the Shadow Blade will knock the power out of Spark man. Keep your distance as he sends out the small sparks and hit him as he gears up!

That elec wall makes things a little more tricky than it needs to be, but that's all right. With Megaman and I playing this special "two player" edition, we stood on either side and pelted him as he came close to us.


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