The next stage on the 'ol list is Hardman's.

Fight through the rocky stage with as much power as you can muster. There's some mega-heavy machinery here.

What Megaman means to say is that it's pretty easy. There are a few annoying parts, but nothing too challenging.

Except those Mega-accursed bees!

Stage Enemies
Su bee - Mega-annoying! Drops 5 Chi-bees! Like those annoying birds in Megaman 2!
Bouncer - Hops around some. If you have it, use Spark Shot to mega-freeze him!
Hammer Joe - Captain N! There's a Joe after me!
Metall - A staple of my games. He shoots and walks toward you.
Wanaaan - Tries to bite you if you stay still too long!
Mon King - Mega-tough monkey that jumps around and tries to stomp you.
Fly-boy - Attempts to Mega-crush Megaman!
Chi-bee - "Chibi" get it? Ha ha, mega-funny, Capcom!
Pickle Dozer - A Met that tried to bulldoze you ..... slowly......

When you start off, you'll have to get through these annoying bear traps -

Their proper name is "Wanaaan." It says so right there in our guide.

It does? Geez, we're gonna have to try to be less coherent or we might actually help someone.

Isn't that our goal?

Erm ......... maybe yours........

Anyways, to avoid getting stomped, keep moving!

Mon King is annoying. Even when cheating. He can knock you off ladders if you're not quick enough!

The key to defeating Mon King is to shoot him while he's swinging. He's much harder than in Megaman 2. Ah, I remember Megaman 2. In those days they made QUALITY games! Not like today ....

Uh, Megaman -

"Compassman"!? "Airconman"!? What were they Mega-thinking! I'm a joke now! A freaking mega-joke!

While Megaman pulls himself together I'll move on. Before you pass through the door there's an enemy I like to call "stompy" -

His actual name is Bouncer!

Oh, whatever! Stompy -


Quiet! You wanna do this on your own?

I'd Mega-love to!

Shut up. Anyways, Hardman's battle is made extra hard by the bear traps that line the floor. You'll have to keep moving to avoid them!

Hm ....... I don't remember THIS in Megaman 3.

Screenshots don't lie, Mega.

But YOU'RE in the game!

It's a special 2-player mode!


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