"He's Magnet the Mighty
He kicks fanny!
Never will you out-fox him!
He's as good as old Jox-errrrrrrrr
He's Magnet - Magnet the MIGH-TYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!"

I don't know why you insist on singing that Mega-inane song every time we talk about Magnetman.

Inside joke.

Whatever. The underground cavern of Magnet man is littered with mechanical creatures that have special attractions. Keep an eye on them and work against their Mega-polarity to avoid being pulled off balance. Keep hopping and watch your step!

Stage Enemies
Magfly - Stupid things that fly around outside of Magnetman's level. They pull you up as they pass by. Four points damage.

Peterchy - Equally stupid walking eye jerks. They move towards you and give you four points damage.

Shot man - Guy shoots from side to side and then sends a pellet where your standing. 4 points damage.
Giant Springer - Big version of those sliding things found in MM 2. Takes 6 points crash damage, these suckers shoot homing missiles.
This is the first level where you meet this annoying red guy. He just jumps around allot and shoots. Slide under his jumps and hit him when he starts walking.
After you beat him a part of the floor "breaks". Emphasis on "BREAK."

Practice first, but use Rush Coil to pass these Mega-annoying disappearing blocks!

The level's pretty straight forward. Watch out for magnets that'll try and pull you sideways.

The next hard part comes in the form of disappearing / reappearing blocks!

Practice on these to get the hang of it. Then use Rush Coil for an easy out!

Or simply super-jump past this annoyance and play the Gauntlet way!

Or the "no skills" way!

Shot guy makes this a tricky maneuver. However, when cheating, you can simply ram yourself into the guy and bolt across no problem!


"no skills" he says...... I just do things the practical way! There's a huge gap and doing it your way - the sucker's way - would result in needless effort. MY way, and you simply go along the bottom using the controller-2 tricks.

Meh. Mega-meh!!!

"Mega-meh" indeed.

Anyway, once past that, and a giant Springer, you'll finally face Magnet man!


Magnet man's not as tough as he looks, although those Mag Flies that fly by occasionally are somewhat of a pest!

Mega-slide as he jumps and keep running when he fires his missiles! He'll also try to Mega-attract you to him, so use the slide to keep your distance. Hit him when he relaxes!

Or use infinite energy and none of his attacks will matter. Finish him off and you'll get the Magnet Missiles!


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