The Business of War

The Shutdown Code Act has passed! Robots everywhere are to install this code or they will be in violation of the law.

Because of the disaster in Los Angeles the Mechanical Maniacs are flung into a war of unprecedented scale the likes of which the Team Scene has never seen. While the Robot Police are working overtime to enforce the code, the threat of General Cutman surfaces to destroy all sides of this conflict!

But this isn't just a Mechanical Maniacs event .... this event encompasses all Classic Series Megaman Teams! Everyone has a part to play in Business of War.

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The goal here is to form a real connection to your character. You're going to grow closer to them, and actually give a damn about what happens to your character over the course of this story. You're going to use your mind in ways you may not have expected when you were just hanging around the forums and playing a part in the whole team game.

The goal of this particular event is to beat the newly reformed Scissor Army (unless you're actually a part of the SA. Then your goal is to simply kill anyone not on your side). However, the good guys don't have it so easy this time.

The theme of the Business of War is sacrifice, as in "What are YOU Willing to Sacrifice?". Everyone involved will have to give up something at some point in order to strive for their goal. Here now is a rundown of the main forces one can pledge allegiance to during the War.

The Robot Police Department (RPD)- Those enlisted in the RPD will have to sacrifice their freedom in order to be in the best position possible to fight the SA. RPD members are immediately subject to the Shutdown Code upon signing up (in other words, no getting around it), and will be under surveillance during the course of the War. Suspicious or offending activity will be noticed by human Watchers for the RPD, and immediate shutdown is often the solution to such problems.

On the plus side, RPD recruits have the best backup and are relatively well taken care of when it comes to repair. They needn't worry about things like hiding or scrounging for spare parts, and they even have a considerable force of RPD Special Forces robots to counter the SA's platoons of advanced Sniper Joes. RPD forces threat level are as follows (from highest to lowest): SA, Wily, Cossack.

Dr Wily- Wily isn't about to let some scissor-headed punk take over HIS world. Seeing a ripe opportunity to further his own plans of world domination, Wily engages in direct combat with the SA, but he's no friend of the RPD, either.

While Wily doesn't have the Shutdown Code as a pre-requisite, you just know the embittered mad scientist can't be trusted for very long. His force of footsoldiers isn't nearly as large as the SA or RPD's, but the mish-mash of assorted robots may yet prove to be a threat to both major forces. Wily is also very capable of repairing damaged robots. Wily's most concerned with the RPD, then the SA and Cossack last.

Siding with Wily means you're sacrificing trust, both with your friends and yourself. You know Wily has something up his sleeve. Will you be able to sleep at night?

Dr Cossack- If ever there was an underdog, Dr Cossack is it. Based in his old citadel fortress in Russia, Cossack is already low on supplies. He is seen as a rogue harborer of illegal robots with the outbreak of war, since he refuses to recognize the Shutdown Code. Because of this, he and his followers must scrounge for scraps. Cossack has virtually no army to speak of, and damaged robots take a while to repair.

Cossack forces are looked down upon by both the RPD and the SA, and Wily sees him as a gnat. Its an uphill battle for Cossack, though for many, he's the only right choice.

Joining with Cossack assures that you've sacrificed living on easy street for your beliefs. You're not about to let the government mandate how you do your job, nor will you let the SA wipe out those whom you've sworn to protect, even if it means you are deemed an outlaw.

The Scissor Army (SA)- Led by General Cutman, along with the psychic monster machine Mesmerman, the SA is one of the biggest threats to world peace in a long time. Having taken control of the newest wave of Sniper Joes, the SA makes an immediate impact on the world, and is systematically slaughtering civilians under the premise of creating a robot utopia.

The Robot Masters under Cutman's command have been either duped into his control or have been rebuilt to be his versions of the perfect killing crew. Either way, those enlisted in the SA have been forced to sacrifice their humanity and freedom in exchange for ultimate firepower. The new generation of SA Officers have not a drop of remorse in their circuits, and will kill enemy and former friend all the same.

The SA is in the best position possible for the war due to Cutman and Mesmerman's planning for it long in advance. With a massive force of advanced Sniper Joes and access to several holdouts for repair and regroup stations, the SA is ready to make good on their motto:

"Kill Now, for Elysium Awaits"

Dr Light- Unwilling to assist the RPD, his old friend Dr Cossack, and certainly the SA, Dr Light has all but withdrawn from the violence the world has been engulfed in. Instead, he offers safe haven for those who do not wish to sign up for the Shutdown Code or otherwise fight in the War. Instead, Light is trying to negotiate the end of the uncivil Shutdown Code Act, even as he is deemed a fugitive.

Those aligned with Dr Light do not actively fight, so they have sacrificed their right to shape history.

(Note: "Joining" with Dr Light means you do not wish to participate in the War itself. It is a means to explain where canon teams or people are during his event should they not desire to take part in it.)

With that in mind, each Team has a Captain. This Captain is in charge of declaring their Team's overall direction, which is especially important if some of their members are on hiatus. However, it is really up to each individual to choose where they belong during this War, regardless of team stance.

Team Captains are also expected to declare their Team's overall stance.

On Sunday, September 9th, after all allegiances have been pledged, the first part of the War will really begin. Teams and individuals will be randomly paired off with one another for what will be called "Stages". Each Stage will be comprised of Scenarios (the pairings). The pairings are in charge of the outcome of their scenario, and will work WITH one another to create one helluva story.

So, let's say, and this is hypothetical, we have Wily's Warriors (representing Wily, natch) paired off with the Ascendant Androids (SA). Everyone involved with these two forces will work together to write how this meeting goes down. Doesn't matter what happens, so long as its interesting.

You could say that this is a set of creative writing exercises.

Each pairing will be given a basic amount of starting information including: Location, SA Troop Level, RPD Troop Level, and Wily Troop Level. How you use that info is up to you.

Questions for this event may be made here or towards me personally via PM or AIM.

That said...Get ta thinking! Which side are you on? Or rather...

What are YOU Willing to Sacrifice?


Must Read - Because of the way the Business of War works, there is a large number of things to read pertaining to the event. When viewed all together the list becomes quite daunting. However, you don't necessarily need to read every single thing to understand the storyline. This icon marks the stories that are essential to read in order to understand and follow Business of War. Moreover, it also marks things that are essential to understand in the 'Maniacs canon. The other stories do have their own points, however, and reading them will give a broader scope of the War and all it's players.

Map of War - A map of the progress made in various stages. Beware of spoilers!

The Business of War ~ Introduction

Must ReadIntroduction 1

Must ReadIntroduction 2

Must ReadIntroduction 3

Must ReadIntroduction 4

Must ReadIntroduction 5

Scissor Army War Journals Part 1

Dr. Wily War Journals Part 1

Dr. Light War Journals

Must ReadOnce and Always - Introduction

Dr. Cossack War Journals Part 1

Dr. Cossack War Journals Part 2

Dr. Cossack War Journals Part 3

RPD War Journals Part 1

The Business of War ~ Stage 1

Must ReadStage 1 - Introduction

Must ReadOnce and Always - Part 1

Must ReadTruth & Darkness, the White Knight doth approach....
Participants: Artilleryman (C), Drastic Measures (RPD), Geminiman (SA)

Must ReadIf you can't stand the heat ...
Participants: Wily’s Warriors (W), Chimeraman (SA), Mech Maniacs (RPD)

Cossacks Comrades vs RPD, Evil 8 and SA!
Participants: Tengu & Clown (RPD), Evil Eight (W), C. Comrades (C)

Surviving Berlin
Participants: Ascendant Androids (SA), Gila Gladiators (W)

Standoff in Alberta!
Deep Impact (C), Makenshi (RPD), Wraithman (SA)

La batalla de Ciudad de Mexico
Participants: Seven Mercs (SA), Marsupial Bros (C), Saturn (W)

All rails lead to Beijing...
Participants: Wily Rescue Force (W), Bass (W), Cosmic Gladiators (C)

Must ReadCombat in London
Participants: Pride (W), SparkChan (W), Slash & Shade (C)

The Fight for Nonsteropolis!
Participants: Mysteryman (SA), Ringman (W), Armored Assassins (C)

Sao Paulo Cannot Stop
Participants: Vulcan (RPD), Tech Tyrants (C), Fatal Five (W)

Scissor Army War Journals Part 2

Dr. Wily War Journals Part 2

Must ReadBitter Sweet Part 1

Dr. Cossack War Journals Part 4

RPD War Journals Part 2

The Business of War ~ Stage 2

Must ReadStage 2 - Introduction

Must ReadOnce and Always Part 2

Dr. Cossack War Journals Part 5

Must ReadGood Ideas
Participants: Mechanical Maniacs (RPD), Ringman (W), Seven Mercenaries (SA)

Must ReadOnce and Always Part 3

Peruvian Fever
Participants: Slashman & Shademan (C), Evil Eight (W)

The World is my Rome...
Participants: Cosmic Gladiators (C), Wraithman (SA), Pride (W)

Next stop: Hong Kong
Participants: Drastic Measures (RPD), Wily's Warriors (W)

Viet Cairo To The Rescue!
Participants: Armored Assassins (C), Gila Gladiators (W), Armored Assassins (W)

Rematch in Alaska!
Participants: Fatal Five (W), Makenshi (RPD), Jack Vulcan (RPD)

Tyrannical Androids
Participants: Tech Tyrants (C), Ascendant Androids (SA)

Red or Dead in St. Petersburg
Participants: Cossack Comrades (C), Saturn (W), Mysteryman (SA)

Must ReadMaidens, Knights and Curses
Participants: SparkChan (W), Wily Rescue Force (W), Mesmer Geminiman (SA)

The Clash for Osaka
Participants: Deep Impact (C), Tenguman & Clownman (RPD), Marsupial Bros (C)

Scissor Army War Journals Part 3

Dr. Wily War Journals Part 3

Must ReadBitter Sweet Part 2

DANCE PARTY at Castle Wily

Dr. Cossack War Journals Part 6

RPD War Journals Part 3

The Business of War ~ Stage 3

Must ReadStage 3 - Introduction

Must ReadThe Forgotten Legions

Must ReadA War of Souls
Participants: Makenshi (RPD), Cossacks Comrades (C), SparkChan (W)

Winds of Fate: The Deathly Blizzard
Participants: Seven Mercenaries(SA), Wily Rescue Force(W), Armored Assassins (C)

Must ReadReturn to the Motherland
Participants: Wily’s Warriors (W), Cosmic Gladiators(C), Mesmer Geminiman (SA)

Must ReadPredator
Participants: Drastic Measures (RPD), Mechanical Maniacs (RPD)

Bloodbath in Russia
Participants: General Cutman (SA), Fatal Five (W), Tech Tyrants (C)

O Trabalho da Batalha: Battle for Lisbon
Participants: Saturn (W), Armored Assassins (W), Hyper Storm H (RPD)

Eye of the beholder
Participants: Tenguman & Clownman (RPD), Mysteryman (SA)

Despair of the Lost
Participants: Marsupial Bros (C), Deep Impact (C), Evil Eight (W)

Ascendant Izhevsk
Participants: Jack “Starman” Vulcan (RPD), Ascendant Androids (SA), Slashman (C)

Ancient Tomb, Modern Foe
Participants: Wraithman (SA), Gila Gladiators (W)

Scissor Army War Journals Part 4

Dr. Wily War Journals Part 4

Dr. Wily War Journals Part 5

Dr. Cossack War Journals Part 7

Dr. Cossack War Journals Part 8

RPD War Journals Part 4

The Business of War ~ Stage 4

Must ReadStage 4 - Introduction

Must ReadThe Axe Falls
Participants: Wily Rescue Force (W), Mechanical Maniacs (RPD)

Hell Metal Zoo: The Fields of Mars!
Drastic Measures, Makenshi (RPD), Fatal Five, Saturn (W)

Tale of Two Cities
Participants: "Loner Squad" (Hyper Storm H (7M), Pharon (WW))(RPD), Liquid Snake (?), Armored Assassins (W), Nytris Oxyde (?)

The Meeting
Participants: Wily's Warriors, Ringman, SparkChan, Bass, Evil Eight, etc. (W)

The Old Citadel Part 1
The Old Citadel Part 2
Must ReadThe Old Citadel Part 3
Participants: The SA vs the Cossack Faction

Must ReadBitter Sweet End

Dr. Wily War Journals Part 6

Dr. Cossack War Journals Part 9

Broken Armour Part 1

Scissor Army War Journals Part 5

RPD War Journals Part 5

The Business of War ~ Stage 5

Must ReadStage 5 - Introduction

Broken Armour Part 2

Must ReadUtopia
Participants: Mechanical Maniacs (RPD), Pharon (RPD), Koala (SA), Ringman (W), Artilleryman (C)

Ambush in Nonsteropolis
Participants: Drastic Measures (RPD), Evil Eight (W)

Rematch by the Rogues
Participants: Spade & Sedulus(SA), Fatal Five (W)

Participants: Ascendant Androids (SA), Deep Impact (C)

Must ReadFrozen Souls
Participants: Skullman (SA), Cosmic Gladiators (W), Cosmic Gladiators (C), Frostman (SA), Armored Assassins(W), Slashman (DM) (C), Tech Tyrants (C)

Cossacks Comrades: The Mesmer Plot

Live and Let Die
Participants: Loner Squad (RPD), Seven Mercenaries (SA), Mysteryman (SA), Mr.Whiz (W), Gila Gladiators (W)

Must ReadThe Siege of Himeji Castle
Participants: Geminiman (MM3)(SA), Bass(W), Wily Rescue Force(MM3)(W)

Fall of Dusk
Participants: Wraithman (CC)(SA), Wilys Warriors (W)

Must ReadChanging Minds
Participants: Geminiman (MM3)(SA), Chimeraman (MM3)(SA), Heatman (WW)(SA), Doc Robot (MM3)(W), Spark Chan (MM3)(W)

Despair and Hope Part 1

Scissor Army War Journals Part 6

The Bitch and the Beast

Stage 6 Preview

The Business of War ~ Stage 6

Must ReadStage 6 - Introduction

Despair and Hope Part 2

Slaves of the Puppet
Participants: Mysteryman (TT)(SA), Wilys Warriors (W), Deep Impact (C)

Must ReadBehind the Scenes
Participants: Junkman (RPD), Freezeman (SA), Fatal Five (7M)(W), Slashman (DM)(C)

Participants: Windman (W), Armored Assassins (C), Ascendant Androids (SA)

The Reunion
Participants: Chimeraman (MM3)(SA), Artilleryman (MM3)(C), Evil Eight(MM3)(W)

Silence End
Participants: Wily Rescue Force (W), Makenshi (RPD), Cosmic Gladiators (C)

All for Nothing
Participants: Nox, Tenguman, Clownman (RPD), Magnetman (MM3)(SA), Cosmic Gladiators (W)

Are You Bad Enough?
Participants: Jack Vulcan (RPD), Mr.Whiz (WW) (W), Seven Mercenaries(SA), Tech Tyrants (C)

Must ReadOld Friends
Participants: Mechanical Maniacs (RPD), Geminiman (MM3)(SA)

Must ReadSenator Keigle's War Journal

Scissor Army War Journals Part 7

RPD War Journals Part 6

The Business of War ~ Stage 7

Must ReadStage 7 - Introduction

Despair and Hope Part 3

Last Flight of the Marauder
Participants: Cosmic Gladiators (W)(C), Seven Mercenaries (SA), Fatal Five (W), Henry (W)

Must Read"Kill Now, For Elysium Awaits"
Participants: Makenshi (RPD), Vulcan (RPD), Nox (RPD), Cossack's Comrades (C)(Mez), Megaman (L), Ascendant Androids (SA)


Tyrannical Face Off
Participants: Tech Tyrants (C), Drastic Measures (RPD) (C), Mysteryman (SA)

The Puppet's Masters
Participants: Wily's Warriors (W), Docman (SA)(Mez), Deep Impact (RPD)(C)(Mez), Protoman (L), Magnetman (Mez)

Target: Wily
Participants: Wily Rescue Force (W), Mr. Whiz (W), The Armoured Assassins (C), Bass (L)

Must ReadReforged
Participants: Mechanical Maniacs (RPD)(L), Sinister Six PC (RPD), Constance (L), General Cutman (SA), Chimeraman (SA), Artilleryman (SA)

The Business of War ~ Stage 8

Must ReadStage 8 - Introduction

Must ReadWar's End Part 1
Must ReadWar's End Part 2
Must ReadWar's End Part 3
Must ReadWar's End Part 4
Participants: Mechanical Maniacs (RPD), Magnetman (Mez), Docman (Mez), Wily Rescue Force (W), Mr. Whiz (W), Napalmman (N), Artilleryman (A), Constance (?)

Must ReadAfterward
The Mechanical Maniacs' BoW Aftermath (Also featuring the Evil Eight and the Wily Rescue Force)

Here And Now
The Wily's Warriors BoW Aftermath

The Lone Road
The Drastic Measures BoW Aftermath

The Deep Impact, Seven Mercenaries, and Fatal Five BoW Aftermath

Red, But Not Dead
The Cossack Comrades Aftermath

Zodiac Renual
The Cosmic Gladiators Aftermath

The Strongest
The Armored Assassins Aftermath

Blast Off to Nowhere
Ascendant Androids Aftermath


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