The MM TV Show, The RM OVAs

It’s that time again. No, it’s not laundry day, it’s time for another massive Mechanical Maniacs update!

First up is a full article on the Rockman OVAs. I go into detail on what happens in these animated adventures, but that’s not all. To go along with it is a massive image gallery. This has been in the works for a long time.

Along with the OVA article is one to go with the Megaman TV Show. It focuses on the changes made, along with probable reasons for them and possible influences. There was reason to the madness, you see.

Novas Aventuras de Megaman

For those not in the know, a wealth of info has splurged forth about this obscure comic in the MM community. And, so my own article has now been updated to compliment the more thorough articles now found on the net. If you want an overview of the series, along with a few choice images, head on over to read my article!

After that go to O Ácido Cinza to read summaries of every single issue of the series!

A Mess of Mysteries and RM Strategy!

Good Lord, this update took a long time to organize. And, really … I didn’t even get everything I wanted in there. But it’s been held up long enough. I present … the big Megaman Mysteries update.

And it really is the *big* update. There’s something new, even if it’s just a *little* something new, in each and every one of those articles. Megaman 3 has a couple unused sprites now found. Megaman X has Command Mission and xtreme beta pics. Miscellaneous Classic Mysteries has the secret of Crorq’s driver in PC3 (among other things). But that isn’t even the biggest update.

The really big update comes in the forum of massive updates to just about all BN games courtesy of, mostly, Mega Rock.EXE of the Rockman EXE Zone. He’s the super sleuth of the BN series. And thanks to him and a member of his community, Starforce (who wrote the article), we have a (you guessed it) Star Force Mysteries section, covering things discussed in his forum. Wouldn’t have happened without ’em … mostly because I still haven’t actually played any Star Force games.

But we’re still not through yet! My article on Rockman Strategy receives it’s first update in … maybe years. Namely notes on how to cheat … and a rather frustrating boss in the game – Capricorn. And how to cheat your way to victory. And it also now contains save states that can take you straight to the final and seni-final levels of the game! So, you don’t have to struggle your way through it if you don’t want to.

The Downloads section also now has Save State Masters, a handy save state altering program made a long time ago by a pal I haven’t seen in a long while – Nightmare Zero. An oldie, but a goodie; I don’t think he’d mind me posting his old program.

So, that’s it for now. I’m beat!

Cell Phone Games

The article on Rockman Cell Phone Games has gone through some additions and revisions. Not only have new games been added, but not all games have their own gallery in the main Image Gallery. So now if you want to view more pictures, you won’t have to wait before 100 or so images load up to view them.


It’s time for another article update! This time it’s Captain N’s turn. It’s time to take a look at the major deviations in the main characters of the series… and why they might have made such odd designs.

Articles, Gauntlet’s Guides

I’ve been doing some thinking and I’ve decided the image galleries really need accompanying
articles to go with them. At least the official images do and most of the sprite galleries. To this end I have created an article on the Megaman PC Games. It details my experience with the PC games as well as some words on the robot masters.

Next up is a … Gauntlet’s Guides article? It’s been a while since I did me one of those. This one is on Green Lantern: In Blackest Night. Basically it goes into all the “special” rings and is sort of meant as a look-back that contrasts what’s being done today with what’s been done in the past.

The PC sprites have been updated. I actually missed a few sprites of Wily. Apparently when you die at WIly himself sprites of him jumping and groveling appear on the computer screen. Since I always cheat at that game I have never seen these sprites until now.

Speaking of sprite galleries, the index page has been merged with the overall Image Gallery using the same hack that I developed for the Specialty Galleries. It’s just pointless to leave them so separate. Speaking of which, I’ve never announced it, but the Megaman Team Christmas Cards are up. They’re from a small project made by Snakeman and Spark Chan in December. Be sure to check it all out!

Oh, and the articles on Rockman Strategy and Rockman Gold Empire have received some small updates too. RM Strategy has it’s intro video up … doubtless you’ve seen it before since Rockman Perfect Memories posted it long before I have. I just felt it was time for me to post it as well. More exciting, however, is that I have posted the game’s full script online! Unfortunately … it’s in Traditional Chinese. Yeah. I’ve also revised a few details in the introduction (the game’s not quite so rare anymore) and added in some notes on the ending that I got from reading the script. Rockman Gold Empire’s update is a never-before-seen intro video.

Rockman Strategy

A few other people have been posting info on it, so I’ve decided to update the section a bit. I’ll have to edit the article just a tiny bit too.

First of my RMS updates is … every single image used in the game and complete manual scans.

Truthfully, after compiling all those sprites I got sick of RM Strategy. But I suppose it’s long past time in posting what I have on it on the site itself. Happy viewing!

There’s an update!?

Considering the overall lack of activity, I’ve decided to push up this week’s update by a few days. I’ve added some small things here and there.

Firstly, the Asian PC games has a could new images to go with it, namely in Rockman 123’s entry.

I’ve added one entry to all of the sections in the …. pirate games article!? Yeah, I never planned on updating that again, but I found some things that just HAD to be added, even if it was just one per section.

The Cell phone games article features the latest games along with one older game I neglected to put on there. As always, a BUNCH of screens have been put on the screens section of that article (separated out due to sheer number of screens).

The miscellaneous sprites section has some guest entries along with a sheet of E-tank sprites that I compiled. Having all of them on one sheet occasionally comes in handy.

Miscellaneous pictures also features some fan art submitted over the last few months. Sorry it took me so long to get these up!

My Gallery features art of the Wily Rescue Force (meaning the Deamwave robot masters and Cap N Doc Wily).

And finally, Raijin’s gallery features alot of nice art, including character designs for the ‘Maniac’s Transmetal 2 armor!

I don’t know when new ‘Maniacs Moments will be up. Hard’s life must be getting in the way of those little comics. So, I’ve put up an appropriate message.

That’s all for now. I gotta say …. it’s nice to work on the site again.

Rockman: Gold Empire info and review

Here’s an update long in coming! WAY back when I was helping Heat run Sprites INC a dude named Tommy Lee gave me a copy of Rockman Gold Empire complete with manga scans. And I promptly ….. forgot about it. Completely.

Well, now that oversight has been rectified! I’ve played through Rockman Gold Empire a bit and have written a review / article on the game. Rockman: GE is a Taiwanese-exclusive game like Rockman Strategy, only not by the same people. It’s alot less rare than RMS, but I still haven’t seen any information on it in the english-speaking Megaman community, making this a first!

So, thanks, Tommy Lee! Sorry for taking so long.

Also, you may have noticed my smart-ass “Ads go here” banners have been replaced by actual ads. Well, what can I say? Ads were always in the works. HOWEVER, unlike ads of the past, THESE ads actually give money to ME. Not Nyne, Classic Gaming, Zelda U, Geocities, or anyone else. So click! And support the Mechanical Maniacs!

Also rememeber to submit an entry for our Design a Villain contest! The grand prize is an appearance in ‘Maniacs epilogues as well as a figureine made of the villain you design!

Bits here and There

A few small things have been added.

Firstly – the article on Brazil’s MM comic sees a couple of covers added to the image marked “Some MM Comic Covers” at the bottom of the page.

The article on Asian MM Games sees images added to all the Taiwanese originals. Check it for various, better-quality images of the boxes. Another counterfeit game has been added to the list of counterfeit games located there.

Finally, some more MM fonts have been added. I’ve added the e-tanks from the Gameboy games, EXE’s map font, and the font from the beta screens of EXE 1. I’ve also added the toxic waste tank from the first MM PC game to the E-Tank fonts (hey … why not?).

But …. sit tight, loyal viewers! I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve. What’s coming up will dazzle and amaze, I assure you all!